This is for my brothers over 40!


Ok guys…there are a lot of us here over 40 who are killing it…day in/day out, we make our daily track to the gym and freaking get to work. We push our bodies to the limit and simply get it done…why…because…we hear the clock ticking! We’re hard and wise to this world…we refuse to quit. This video is for all of you!!!

Keep pushing!!!

Somebody get fired up!!!


Its the truth plus the fact that everyone is living alot longer now.
We have to get it in because you never know when it is your time to go so might as well use the time you got to the most you can.


YOLO lol


@Ldog Motivation for any age! Thanks for sharing…


My pleasure!


Hittin 40 has motivated me …honestly the best shape ive been since early 20,s.
I feel its now or never shit goes quick. Want to own these next 20yrs…


I’m not 40 or over 40 but my body doesn’t seem to think so some days. You should see my medical record lol. It’s like a 50 year old man’s. Still motivating AF though.


Good stuff guys. Age is only a number.


Hell Yeah man…!! This is for my old ass… I’m 44 in the middle of divorce and still working out, but not getting it all in the way I want to. This isn’t supposed to be a sob story, just a fact. I had to start moving my home gym and other things to storage, but to prepare for it I bought a set of dumbbells that go from 10-90#'s each. So I’ve been doing my best to rock those out with my bench, rowing machine and pull-up bar. I’ve had to change my entire workout to the items I have. Been a bit of a struggle, but I actually feel like my arms are getting bigger just based off volume alone.

This is a great video to keep my mind as focused as it can be in the situation I’m in. Thanks for posting Ldog… I’ll have to add this guy to my podcasts.


It’s my pleasure bro. Thanks for sharing. I hope things get back to normal for you very soon!