Think I found the sweet spot


I found that lowering my text to 80mg a week puts me in high normal range. This is perfect . It’s crazy to see how different everyone’s results are to each tyoe of AS. So the reason I know this, is I wanted to start at a low dos of test and get my blood work after 4 weeks. So I started at 80 mg. My last cycle was 400 mg a week of test. I’m going to continue 80 mg for another three weeks and get my blood work again, so that should tell me 80 mg dosing is my trt dose.


Also get the female hormone panel from privatemedlabs its cheaper and covers more of what we want to see


I just edited . For some reason I accidentally posted the information for trt


My insurance covers blood work but wont cover HRT or TRT


How much if any strength and size did you lose on the TRT after the cycle?


Ive lost 5 pounds of water . I feel and look better when im at trt dose . Im on my 7th week . I look good brother




Oh i didnt add strength lost of course but it comes back when youre ready for cycle . Its all mental my brother


80mg a week total? I was down to 305ng when I went on TRT and I felt terrible that low. I feel best around 900ng but everyone is different. I use 90mg 2x a week and that’s my own sweet spot. I only have to use 12.5mg of Aromasin a week or 1mg of Arimadex a week to keep estro is check too.


Yea i feel ya brother . I get bloods monday before my blast . I went 8 weeks at TRT and everything is perfect . Lipids and blood pressure are good . As long as bloods look good and training is still good then i feel great


I’m only 2 or 3 weeks out from my last cycle so I’ve got another 8 weeks or so to get things back in order but my body needed a break lol