The worst embarrassment


It was 2002, i was getting out of rehab and i contacted this good friend of mine who was the district manager for LA fitness ; he got me a job selling memberships; little by little i escalated positions, i was a good trainer, i was also competing. After a while everything was great people used to come arround my desk asking qustions about training and nutrition, i was on top of the world; i also thought that i was american gigolo…this particular evening , 6 pm, gym full of people…now, this was the biggest gym in the world 5 story building in Florida (Sunset place), they had 150 pieces of cardio equipment it was a cardio theater. That evening…am all pumped wearing my little tank top, i get on the treadmill, i get it going, am standing on the outside frame of the machine while the machine is running am tuning my radio device to the monitor frequency…some how my left foot turned and touched the belt…i went flat on my face on top of it and it pushed me back all the way to the next machine and the girl on it felt too… The whole entire gym was laughing at me.


now thats what i call divine inpiration ,i am now startin cardio ,next to every girl i see lol


my biggest embaresment was my pants split so the crack of my arse was laid bare to everyone for 2ominutes because my then training partner never said anything .and yes i had my day when i spotted him doin a 1 rep max …what did you say bro 1 more rep ,no no sorry dont understand .20minutes i walked around that gym ,and by the way i go commando i never wear underwear ,thats mine ,i now trian alone somehow he didnt see the funnyside of it when i was leaning over him lol.bless him no we still buddieslol


Ha ha ha… excelente


I shattered my phone dropping a dumbbell on it. I’ve also shattered my full shaker the same way.


I think it was about 1998. I was doing cable pull-downs behind the neck. Going pretty heavy probably 195 lb. All of a sudden the cable broke and the bar hit me right on top of the head. Leaving me a pretty good gash there. Fell off the bench on the floor holding my head for about 2 minutes. Then I got up and finish my workout lol. But I was a little embarrassed not going to lie.


my situation was similar only on the mat, I remember I did a strong sparring with my fella at some point he wanted to made a strong sweep, he grabbed my GI pants and he pulled me so strong and broke pants on my ass, but because I never used underwear on mat , just imagine how it looked hahaha

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Gas. I don’t know but it must have been a combination of cabbage and beans the eve before. I always train first thing in the AM and I was in the free weight area and I had some bad cramping goin’ on all morning. Finally the room clears out I had to let it loose because it was killing me. It wasn’t an audible version either…just very silent but stunk like a dead body. Well right after relieving myself in walks a regular female hottie and being the ONLY person in the room I was declared guilty.


Ha ha good one


The great thing it didn’t even phase her…she stayed back there,thats some dedication.


Lol gotta love a dedicated hottie! You were caught dead though brotha hahahaa i love it!


Omg Pastor thats friggin epic!!! I almost did the same shit but caught myself before i face splashed! Omg i would have killed someone behind me lol


Doing dead lifts on the second story of a gym. Felt my back pop, fell on the floor and couldn’t stand up due to the pain. My girlfriend was on the first floor doing cardio. I had to call her cell multiple times and she came up, picked up the friggin barbell, put it to the side and pulled me up. I put my arm around her and she helped me down the stairs. Mind you, she is only about 125 lbs. The weight she picked up was like 225 lbs. To have her come save me was pretty embarrassing.

Second time was when i was in my 20’s. Maybe 2003 or so. I got stuck under the bar in bench with no spotter. It was in a packed gym. I had to yell for help. After some guy pulled it off of me I went into the locker room an changed shirts. Came back out and was good to go. Haha.