The Truth About Underdosed UGL Steroids & Pharma



Great post, I agree my best experience of business and quality of the chemicals has been with UGL’s. A bodybuilder knows what a bodybuilder needs


I totally agree with the vid. However, we dot buy heparin, cardiazem, ect. Vanco, from China. Yes Abbott or hospira might have ABC make their cefalexin and they sell it. The small amount of steroids sold in America, I don’t know. Isreal makes a lot of drugs, “raw powder” for pharmaceutical companies. I just think some of us had our 1st cycles in 80,90s and were so into heavy training eating and we took what we took and those gains were great. Now, its drugs first mentality and I think thee is a working dose for everyone, 3g of steroids, food, work training, the CNS gets wrecked.


100% agreed, you’re full of wisdom, keep on sharing it!!! And unfortunately we live in the quick fix age, but believe this hobby is one thing you cant quick fix and why I respect anyone who pursues it.


@rnmuscle and @UNITED totally agree. Nobody trains hard now days. They all want more and more gear. I blame social media for this. Everyone is a guru or expert now. When I first started competing you would compete and no one except your gym you went to even knew you competed. Now everyone has to post food prep for the week pics and how they are giving it their all lol. Ok lol. Great post bro


Tell me about it, scary part is all these instagram fitness people are all puppets to corps saying they got that way because of their supplement or sell their generic diet and workout plan customized to their client, but its the same damn one they sent to many others.


AMEN BROTHERS. I always joke about being old, I get to talk to some pros , former pros, sometimes. The big thing is I really thought for a couple years it was possible that I would of joined them. I thank God because I truly think I would of not been here or either way sucked. I found over the years that everyone thinks they have the training and diet down, they need the secret drugs. They all or some must have funhouse or “clown mirrors” at their gym. From the beginning, back and legs…hamstring tie in…seperate the competitiors, you always look good by yourself! I was told that at 19 when I wanted to bodybuild instead of powerlift. I mean Lee labrada used to come in to the gym with the chiropractor(his name?) that was editor of muscle and fitness. He was tiny, Labrada. Then he goes to a tank and the seperation and deep muscle was weird, shawn ray too, heck a ton of these guys back in 90s. At some time, they all trained heavy with volume and the only thing keeping most from going record heavy was fear of injury. I really dont remember talking juice with guys except if there was a real question or if all of a sudden there is something “new” like omadren and the russian and polish invasion of things back then. When was the last time someone puked or had that cold sweat, where your laying on the floor and your asshole training partner is having a great day and wants to finish with a tri set for legs, I can go on forever , even 2 weeks from a show guys look good. I was so drawn . Negreta Jayde from musclemag wrote a great book with late bob kennedy called SLICED, 1991. The best book for years, introduced cycle carb dieting,just a great read. She has defintions of how you should feel and look at certain levels of diet. Her opinion but right on. Social media has been good and bad for the world but for bbing, I think not so good. Why go see a guest poser? remember the yates black and whites…holy shit. I think the last 2 shows i went to, didnt have a guest poser, one had the guy that won the year before and some local pros, At least lately, the night shows are junk. we used to “get ready” to go to a regional show, you didnt want so and so saying hey he looks small. I cant believe how many guys have come up to me at a LA fitness and start talking about dosages. They dont even bother to ask about what kinds, when, they knoiw all that…tren, some more tren,then some oraltren! I used to bother to ask why are you doing that and that , "oh the 5 different test esters and 3 class 2 s are synergistic when used with the Huma(log) man and im on a bulk. Havent you read anabolics 7? Its funny! Go fucking do a reverse bent row…


YouTube took the video down. Fuckers