The quest for knowledge


Many civilizations in history offered us a clear effort in the quest of knowledge…science, phylosophi, methods of thinking, systems of meditation…find the true, seeking enlightmen… My life is just my own thoughts, and that is the only thing I will ever have…Cogito ergo sum: I think there for I am said Rene Decartes, the hero of existentialism. That very thought , Wich is my only posesion I have learn thru the years it can not be a title: am right, I found the truth…my thoughts are proven…The classic Greeks called it Mayeutica: giving birth to the truth thru debate…I am right and everybody else is wrong.
Every man wants to prove the other one wrong…most of attitudes of seeking the posesion of truth and knowledge they also bring antagonism and segregation
After all the years of many battles …this is my true:
Blessed are the PEACEMAKERS the shall be called the son’s of God.
The only man that is right is that one that loves more than critizises, the one that supports unconditionally, the one that creates unity and not differences.
My first ofservation should always be a compliment not a doubt…we are in this world to live together.
God bless you all.


‘My first ofservation should always be a compliment not a doubt’…you know how different this world would be if everyone considered this logic?