The Phoenix gym project


This is a project that just shows the power of working out and staying in shape as a way towards sobriety.

Check it out I believe that this would be a great program for funding to keep people clean.


The basis of this project is an honorable one. Thanks for sharing @Bigmurph


Love that group. I have a few friends who are involved with Phoenix and staying sober, living the good life


This is badass


As you know, I can go on forever. Its hits the mark. Physical, mental, and spiritual(hard to judge) . addressing the stigma of mental health…awesome. Slowly getting and taking back accountability. We talk about cookie cutter diet and training not working optimally. Apply that to any health issue…doesn’t work.


We need more of this in the world. What an awsome thing to do!


Such an amazing group and program.


Damn @Bigmurph you have posted some great shit the past few days! :+1:


Much appreciated brother