The newest protein crickets?


Who would have thought crickets and other insects have massive amounts of protein and there extremely cheap protein. For guys and gals like us who consume alot of protein this might be the future.

What does everyone think?


I’d give it a go. When I think about what I’ve put in my body (years of substance and alcohol abuse up until eight years ago) what’s the worse that can happen with a bit of cricket? Ship it in I reckon


I could do the flour mixed in a shake or something flavorful and thick, but couldn’t just do a roasted cricket! That’s gross, kinda like me getting roasted on here for the breast milk! :smirk:

Surprisingly there are alot of websites selling cricket powder or flour already, you could even just go to your local petsmart and grab some!


In one hole and out the other lol


I couldn’t believe when I heard about it and googled it then a million products popped up. I guess crickets are bigger than I ever new or thought lol


I’ve had roasted salt n vinegar crickets. They really just taste like potato chips to me. Aside from a leg or 2 in your teeth :slight_smile:


They’re still only about 2 inches :joy:


Exactly. I mean fuck actually eating a cricket- that’s gross (unless you’re a reptile or something. As long we get what we need from them, it’s no different to protein powder or any other flour in my mind.



Any federal food-related insect regulation falls to the FDA. The bulk of the rules pertain to keeping bugs out of food–mostly anyways. The agency oversees Food Defect Action Levels, or the unavoidable amount of insects that end up in food such as chocolate or peanut butter.

The FDA does allow crickets to be used for and in food, under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (Sec. 201(f)). As long as crickets are produced, packaged, stored and shipped in a clean and wholesome way, the FDA allows production and sale. Insects must be raised for the purpose of food, and not caught in the wild. The final label must also include the scientific name of the insect.

Cricket flour is not GRAS certified by the FDA. However, the agency has made no ruling against it and it is still legal for commercial sale. According to the FDA, “a substance is excepted from regulation as a food additive if the substance is generally recognized to be safe (GRAS), among qualified experts.”


A friends parents had a Caribbean resturant when we were kids. Deep fried crickets were always on the menu. Lil salt and good to go. Just like a potato chip but with legs and antennas


Im up for trying it ive eaten a bunch of crazy protein. Rabbits,opossum, raccoon.

Why not crickets


Yup. You could deep fry a rhinos asshole, add a little salt, and id give it a go


Fuck the salt- just eat the ass hole :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No thank you ill stick to my animal sources chich, turkey and beef i dont do bugs fkn gross!


Howd we go from eating protein to tossed salads…


God only knows…


When I went to Thailand a few years back, fried crickets was a delicacy that they sold sold in the streets… never got to try them then cause I thought it was gross as hell but with these news studies coming out I might have to try them soon


@Swest You do know that I will never forget you said this… right? :wink:


Crickets? Really? Lol. I bet all the top
Pros will be on this new kick starting with Rhoden along with cyp eq and dhb :joy::joy::joy: