The need of change


Us, bbuilders in the quest of becoming better we are always changing something…more sets less repetitions or more repetitions and less sets, more body parts in one session or less, more frequent days of rest or less frequent…more protein and less carbs…etc…etc .The process of becoming a better bodybuilder resides in the daily NEED OF CHANGE. We know and understand our current stats and we make a commitment to get better.Let me change it a little bit to spiritual matters:
4 Steps to change:
1- Honesty:
Am 15% bf and 184 pounds, which means i clearly know where am at and who i am…
I have a big mouth, I am opinionated, I am irritable, I am angry all the time, etc Realize honestly who you are.
2-Personal Decision:
In order to drop my body fat from 15 to 8% i will start my cardio TODAY and droop the daily intake of carbs to 100-150 grs /day. I have made a decision to change my diet and training.
I will be less confrontational TODAY, I will mind my own business TODAY, I will keep my peace TODAY. Make your decision.
I did not sleep good but i have to get up and do my cardio, Am hungry but i can’t exceed the amount of carbs.
Trials will come against the decision you have made. TODAY when that guy that never re-racks weights, the one that irritates you so much do it again, re-rack the weights for him. TODAY somebody will be on the phone holding up the bench…approach them with a smile and say: hello may i use it please.
Is only by exercising your decision that your character will be stronger and kinder and hum bold and peaceful.
TODAY am 8%bf…I DID IT !!!
The angry person i used to be is gone nothing but gentleness comes out of my mouth. The opinionated person i used to be is gone today i know my business and none of my business. CHANGE !!
I pray for each and everyone of my brothers i pray for strength to go thru the trials in life, i Pray for prosperity and health, i pray for unity, love and kindness in Jesus name.


Thats awesome Pastor i love the message of taking ownership of your mind, body, behavior, actions, instead of blaming someone else for your shortcomings. A true gentleman you are and a great message you pass along brother!


Awesome post Pastor.