The most effective compound i have ever used


I was working in another forum and there is this brother that described his cutting cycle: there were in that list about seven different injectables and about 4 different orals. Elaborated how he lowered his body fat about 3 points after this, by the way very long cycle; but this is what compelled me to write this post, his last stamen was: " diet was just okay". There was a point in my personal life were i found myself aiming to the wrong target, like using too much…about 1600-1800 mg all together, 3 different compounds…but one thing for sure…for sure i always had a clear understanding of dedication and personal effort; what i mean to say by this is that no matter what or how much i used…discipline, effort and sacrifice must be there …solid and consistent.
There is no steroid, anabolic there is going to replace discipline, specially when cutting…the truth to be told…i don’t need that much of gear…but i will need a lot of commitment and daily effort to diet properly and train and do cardio during periods of less calories. Not only training becomes harder while dieting, but also my social life…is not easy to have a GOOD ATTITUDE during cutting periods. this is what i can offer you as most effective in my training , diet and personal life 1 John 5:14 ~ This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. I pray for everything, specially for the challenging events, specially when i face weakness and doubts. I pray for patience and kindness, i pray for peace and serenity. Cardio is one of the best moments to elevate my prayers and ask for the necessary strength to go on.
Father in the name of Jesus i pray for a great day for everybody here and their families, i pray for a day of prayers and gratefulness on to you father, that today we will rejoice in your company. in Jesus name we pray. God bless you all


So Pastor…are you saying that ‘a positive mental attitude is the best compound used when cycling?’


Prayer, my brother. thanks for posting and being interested in this category am very grateful for that gesture


Got it…I agree completely.


wow!!! agreement…what a blessing you are my brother