The importance of knowing, trusting, and legitimizing your source



Dan aka The bodybuilder in Thailand now suffering from a severe infection, and at risk of losing his leg due to contanminated gear. We as a community need to stress the importance of quality, and the risks associated with buying from anywhere. I gotta say, with everything happening lately I am truly considering home brewing for my lab rats as I do have the knowledge to do so. Start testing your gear, run blood work, at the first sight of a possible infection please seek medical help. Buy pharmacy grade products if you have access to it.

@semperfi @trengod @Bigmurph - I think this is something all members should see as is it one of the risks associated with our life styles, it also helps legitimize why you guys are so strict on the sources.

Iron Junkie Labs removal from site

Here is a link to Dan’s GoFundMe for any and all interested. Dan speaking hit me… he is scared shitless. I don’t know him. If it’s a scam so what… that’s on him.


The GoFundMe account is not endorsed or sponsored by UGM or any associates of UGM in any way. The link is for information purposes.


Exactly bro, and thank you I forgot to add it.


Im familiar with this guy. Really sucks hes going thru it. Seems like a good guy. Ill be donating as well.



Sad thing is some people knowingly sell this poison!


If its legaal no one would have to deal with or risk this shit, the whole idea of hormoones being illeggal is dumb as f*** how can something like cigarettes for example be legal while its proven to screw up the lungs & shorten life span & then something that helps with workout recovery & improve physical fitness be illeggal? Just plain stupid… Anything abused will be dangerous, period! Use? that’s a different topic


I’m gonna offer another perspective…

“Deal with the choices you made.” I am a compassionate person who refuses to give money to every last person who is in a bind and asks for help. Homeless dudes on the side of the road…sorry. Go fund my bullshit mistakes…sorry. Junkie who shot a bunch of shitty dope…sorry.

How do we know this is even real? Do we have go fund me accounts for junkies who shoot fentanyl not heroin? No, you’re a dumb ass druggie who made a shitty decision. Deal with it. I’ve OD’d, no one paid my hospital bills.

This dude choose to use drugs to advance his…whatever; image, status, ego???
I have no real sympathy. I feel for him, might lose a leg. I know a dozen guys missing limbs who aren’t asking for the world to cover their ass…the VA does that. How bout you lose a leg and grow a pair?


You ok bro?


Feel better man, also some use aas because they simply enjoy working out & getting in shape & aas could help them advance in the game once they’ve plateaued naturally…


I have to agree with you on this one. The dude moved there so he could get cheaper gear and do more. That’s his stupidity. I’ve had an abscess and your body gives you plenty of time and warning to get it taken care of. I was out of work for 3 weeks then light duty. I didn’t create a go fund me page. I fucked up.

Ifbb Llyod dollar was telling me about this guy and his go fund me page the other day. He says the same thing it’s his fault for going there to get cheaper gear to run more. Sorry it’s not worth it. Even if you go pro there’s no money in it unless you’re that top 1%


pretty sad issue here, hope he keeps the leg


Someone at my gym showed me this and told me the same as @PHD was told. As controversial as it may be, I have to agree with @SpencerCortez and @PHD here.
Life is all about choices and fuck me, I’ve made some pretty stupid choices in life but you have to deal with the outcome of those decisions good or bad. He must have known the risks from using aas (especially those from a far cheaper source) and if he didn’t, he shouldn’t have been using in the first place.
The biggest positive from this is that it serves as a warning to anybody looking to do the same.
I geniunely hope the kid gets through this- he’s clearly petrified but there a lots of people in worse situations that haven’t put themselves there.


Its a controversial subject and yes everyone makes their own decisions in life. This guy was trying to make a brand for himself thru his website and social media not to turn pro. Theres alot of people online doing the exact same thing. The guy tried and failed. Personally I dont wish anyone failure in what they want to accomplish.

This sport isnt the brightest nor the best paying. Many bodybuilders sell steroids illegally to fund their hobby or sport. At least he didnt take the road of Nick T and the other Gay 4 pay bodybuilders selling their ass to keep buying juice and selling it giving a bad name for the sport. This guy produced free content and articles for his fans and tried to monetize what he could but yeah hes not going to be rich off it and its his choice. Hes living with his choices now and he has a fan base that enjoyed and benefited from his content. Now hes using that fanbase to address an issue and it was suggested to him by those fans to ask for financial help.

As far as veterans not fundraising or asking for handouts? WTF? Plenty of veterans and their families have taken to social media to raise money to cover expenses for injuries and deaths. VA is a shithole with a lot of problems and why there are so many non-profit veteran organizations out there.

Theres plenty of scams online for fund raising and off course plenty of legit organizations that dont give shit back to what they are supposed to. Susan B Anthony Race for the Cure? Goodwill? Just a couple off my back. Yet when friends and family push them no one is jumping on there talking about the shit they pull. Maybe this guy has the money, maybe he doesnt. Is $5-$10 out of my life going to hurt me? Nope. But its still my choice to donate.

If you have a problem with this guys issues and it bothers you that much then thats on you. Whatever your personal issues are just that. Yours.


I find myself treating or reacting to individuals for who I am not for who they are or have done. I personally don’t care if he is deserving of help or not. It is in me to help so I did.

I see both sides of the mountain on this so I am not passing any judgments on anyone else. The more important point of all of this is the original reason @Islandswole posted it. We got to ensure we do everything we can to take care of ourselves. Saving a few bucks or taking short cuts may cost us a lot more in the future.


All I will say on this is I will not pass any judgement on this guy. I can’t even begin to imagine what he is going through right now. I felt the need to donate so I did. Dan prayers and thoughts to you bro.


This is interesting conversation, I automatically say in my mind, why the hell why I help him, and I don’t comprehend the whole helping a stranger over the net,the disconnect between me and whoever is hard to overcome, I have this issue even with my own family,not my immediate family but pretty much the rest of the family. We all chose to take risks, in some instances in our life,and asking for help is good,most people don’t like to reach out and ask, but I believe have my limits on asking for help, its probably pride.


It’s called apathy @john. We all are apathetic in certain situations or towards certain subjects because they don’t directly affect us. It doesn’t make us a bad person or a good person. It is just what it is.

Just like getting a infection from an injection… it really doesn’t cross our mind until it happens to us or someone close to us. :flushed:

Fortunately in Dan’s case 500+ people were concerned enough to help and as of this post he is over half way to his goal.


That sounds about right @SemperFi, and it’s a good thing that’s happening with people helping him,and I’m sure it makes those people feel good helping… and I do things on the occasion like helping out on a horse farm by that where the owner has kids with autism come and we let them ride and help tack up the horse and groom them, that I enjoy, they didn’t “do autism” to their selves,m.


I have been really following the back and forth of bad vials and safety here on UGM. We always maintain safety. Its very sad that not all sources do. If our cook tells us that there is a problem with a batch, we scrap it. Clients safety is always number 1. Even if Dan had this issue for a bit of time, it does not mean he deserves it. Donated.