The IJL Eagle has landed


Perfectly packaged addressed just as I asked, and in perfect condition… expected nothing less from @Iron_Junkie_Labs
TNE ×1


Get them gains brother! :muscle: :boxing_glove: :boom:


Thanks for the gear porn.


No problem brother! My pleasure! Actually Thank @Iron_Junkie_Labs ! He makes it happen, I am just one of the lucky :four_leaf_clover: ones who gets to reap the benefits :boxing_glove::muscle:



I share the wealth with reliable sources so I am sure @Iron_Junkie_Labs will get their turn.


Perfect pic also generic backround and no packaging
Enjoy brother


WOOOOOOOOOO!! I see that bottle of devils piss, and I get excited, even though it will make me look good on the outside and dead and empty on the inside!!! Have fun @N8GainTrain and Outfuckingstanding @Iron_Junkie_Labs


I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a small order. I am impressed with the speed of service and the friendliness shown. So far so good but it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. :wink:

@N8GainTrain @Iron_Junkie_Labs


You won’t be disappointed my brother! You’ll be hearing that fat lady singing your favorite tune before too long bro! What did you decide to order if you don’t mind me asking?


I am oil fat right now so I grabbed some abombs and Cialis.


Ha ha


Don’t laugh… Cialis is great for BPH and as a PWO. The blood flow increase provides a good pump and brings out the vascularity in a sick way. Many use Viagra PWO but I tend to get a stuffy nose from it. Give it a go @John… I bet you will like what it does for you.

Abombs are a different story. :smile:


I was researching all of Cialis benefits, and a while back I think @Mountain-man put up a good post about Cialis, might giv it a shot… and yes no abombs for me brother


@john It can be beneficial in regulating blood pressure as well.


Got it, thanks marine. Where were you stationed


@John I served 25+ so almost everywhere. I called home the old school 1st FORECON Co. 3rd Platoon out of Pendleton until '92. Then I made several lat moves.


That’s a long time brother. I commend you. Enlisted or officer?


@john I was a real Marine! :wink:


Outfuckingstanding. I did my four years, in lejeune, 0311, they sent me over 3x in less then 3years, that sucked some life outta me I got out as E4 , so I wasn’t a spectacular marine, but I definitely wasn’t no shitbird


@John Thank you for your sacrifice and selfless service. I made over 15 pumps in my years in the Corps and a DOD contractor.