The difference giving blood makes on hematocrit levels


Well here you go. First hand evidence of the affect giving blood has and how important it is when running EQ.

Hematocrit Levels 8 weeks into EQ at 750:

Hematocrit levels 72 hours after donating blood:

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Thanks for sharing!


Excellent, thanks for sharing bro.


That’s a solid post once again I love seeing blood work.

Is @Fitraver the only one getting blood work ive seen others but fit is getting blood work done all the time. You definitely test more than me brother.


I pretty much test every 8 weeks or so.


Me as well but often I may go as far out as 12 weeks. But definitely more often when using a new source.


Around everyone 12 weeks or less since working with a TRT Doc and been donating blood for years. The Red Cross calls as soon as it’s time to donate. It make a big different in my bp. I gave “double reds” about 10 weeks ago And that you can only donate every 12 weeks, and now I can start feeling my BP creeping back up. My next labs with the TRT doc in two weeks and then I’ll donate again.


I thought double RBC was every 16 weeks???


I could be wrong. This was the first time I did double reds. I thought they said 12 weeks, but you might be right …


That would make sense if a reg donation is 8 week then double would be 16 weeks


Where to donate blood & does it matter if you’re juicing? Would they know? Because that person who receives the donated blood will receive blood full of AAS lol so how does it work?


Let me tackle this one @MuscleGod and try not to look like a complete idiot. TRT patients are not disqualified from donating blood just because they have exogenous testosterone circulating in their blood stream and

is overstating the reality. The circulating levels will certainly be above normal or even foreign depending on what the donor was taking but I feel that the receiver could give two shits about receiving life saving blood that has anabolics circulating through it.

I don’t know… you have good point but if I was dying of thirst the last thing I would be thinking about is if the pond water was contaminated.

When you fill out the questionnaire at the donation center they do ask you if you have or are using anabolic steroids. How that gets answered is on the donors conscious.

I have no idea how donations centers process donated blood and what effects this may have on the steroid half life… blah…blah…blah.


Spot on and what I would have said.

Every blood they take is tested before going to the patient as well. Yes you have to lie on the questions in order to give it but as you said, you find me someone who is dying who would reject the blood. There won’t be one person. They are in a huge shortage for so many types of blood. They would likely want you to lie if a little aas is all that’s in your blood. It’s std they dont want.


Oh… Thank God. I am not the only idiot at UGM. :wink:


What do you mean by half life? The AAS is staying there unless its filtered. Also I’m not just talking about AAS but also other stuff AAS users use, like clen, DNP etc… Substances that could be dangers to the receiver (whom are likely very weak at that time) & I’m not sure if testing the blood will show all substances like dnp or Clen etc for example unless they specifically test for them


Hell I don’t know. I don’t even know how it is processed and what it is tested for before it is provided to a hospital or medical facility. I have no idea if they breakdown, etc.

The only concern according to the blood donation standards and IM steroid use is the possibility of STD’s and HIV just as @Fitraver stated. There is no deferment for actual steroids in your system. The FDA has determined that the red blood cells are safe to use when on TRT but we cannot donate plasma or platelets if that helps at all.

I don’t use any of that other crap and my conscious is clear.


Is the concern over high hematocrit that the blood gets too thick? Don’t the cyclists use EPO to raise that level? Could you use EQ instead and get that benefit?


Wow that’s a very good question, cyclists and runners do use EPO, which I’m assuming it increases the already reduced or suppressed oxygen levels, in the already elevated or thicker blood levels or RBC.