The biggest challenge


This is my 23rd day on 30 grs of carbs a day , not easy; constant body achenes, slow and tired…The biggest challenge is to maintain a great attitude. Is not my intention to reveal any personal information, but the challenge comes from the nature of my occupation…I deal 24/7 with men and women full of trouble and conflicts of the worst and most difficult kind. I have no working hours , no private time, me and my wife have chosen a life of service that requires having no conditions…we not only advise and guide all this people, we also work with then , eat with them and live very close to them. Ex drug addicts and alcoholics are very emotional people; is my job to teach them and show them how to be calm and patient to make better decisions in life… Can you imagine that on 30 grs of carbs a day. I have face during this last 7 days of my life some of the biggest personal challenges of my life…my days have become a constant prayer for peace and serenity to be the example i have to be, to be available at all times. This is what i do may be you can find this useful: -90% listening / 10% talking, after deep meditation on my tone. -Internal preparation when am being communicated of problems. And most importantly, Rules of speaking:
1-when necesary
2-when constructive
3-when positive
Am grateful for the opportunity of growth, am grateful for being chosen for a great labor, am greatful for a heart full of passion that will never quit. Thank you Lord


Hard work and dedication and humility you got it brother


@Pastor Joshua 1:9


@Pastor since you are low carb and under a lot of physical, mental and emotional stress I would like to recommend to you taking some high quality B6 and an adrenal support supplement. These two things may help you deal better with the current life challenges. If you want to know which I take when needed do not hesitate to reach out.



Thats so amazing Pastor! You truly are doing God’s work. I know how difficult it can be since i was once an addict so its people like you who help thise struggling find their way back to health and back to God. You are such an awesome guy so proud to call you my brother :blue_heart: you should give yourself a cheat meal or high carb meal after that many days on low carbs your body will slow its own metabolism down because it thinks its starving. A cheat meal or high carb refeed will boost your morale and your metabolism by tricking it that the famine is over. Plus you wont believe how good regular food tastes when eating it :wink:


The only thing I can offer to do for you is pray, and I will pray for you.


I will Sunday


Thanks ,vyes do that


Discipline, dedication, and inspiration are key. You have 'em all Pastor.


I agree with @MBTJR1980 if you have been on 30g carbs for 3.5 weeks without a single refers day then have a high carb day!!! It’s just what your body needs and you’ll continue Shredding better after.


Pastor , Jesus is with you always ,and you know if you ask him for help he will never hesitate your a good man brother most important a man of God you will succeed in anything you so always.


Thanks beloved