The big $20 test memorial day sale


The memorial day epic $20 test sale is on,

150 minimum, Free Shipping

All Testosterone products are $20 till May /28/18 midnight
Here are the test oils that are included in the sale,don’t miss out save allot of cash and get the primo ug product.

$20 Testosterone:
Test E 250 - $20
Sustanon 250 - $20
Test Cyp 200 - $20
Test Prop 100 - $20


Count me in!



You are the very first verified source I am purchasing from since joining UGM. Who can go wrong with Sustanon 250 at $20 per vial?!

I’m game.

PS… Thanks for offering a generous sale.


Thank you for using ug product ,if we can ever help with anything just ask


I would really like help with getting my hands on a GI Joe with a Kung Fu grip. You remember the one from the late '70’s with real hair and 13" tall. :wink:


Gotta reload BTC…that was quick.


Sent an email order in. Waiting for instructions.


Same here man


I made ug aware of orders he works a day job and will get with each of you asap


It’s all good man understand


Thanks brother I am always checking in to help you guys any way I can


United Gear is on top of it all guys he will take care of all your needs as fast as possible! Hes very professional and personable he wont be anything but happy all the way around! Great sale get in on it while you guys can :facepunch:t2:


Get those orders in guys first come first serve


Cheap high quality test cant ever have enough of that around!!


Email sent , waiting for payment info.


He will be replying soon he is on the road and will be home late


Gotcha brother thanks


UG is on top of it man just be patient we all have lives and jobs


I have a life but no job! Kicked that to the curb over a year ago. ;)))


Lol i fkn wish man