The best you ever looked


What is the best you ever looked, what were the stats?
I have 3:
1-1997 Gold cup classic ( show level 4)
33 years old
5’ feet 4 inches tall
155 1/4 ponds at the weigh-in/pre-judging…a couple of pounds heavier on stage.
6.2% bf
I won the weigh class

2- Mr Miami 2006 (show level 3)
42 years old
Stats same as above
I took second place in the light weigh division after a long, long battle posing…finally the other brother beat me for 1 point they said.

3- right now
Almost 54 years old
10-11% bf
Lately i have been finding a lot of contempt and happiness in the way i look.1936551_1239199302916_2240124_n
What is the best you ever looked?


soo impressive! you are doing it man!


i thinl the best i have ever looked is yet to come actually…i was small and atheletic…but didnt have the definition and muscular separations like aparently i had the potential for…as well as i have always over did it and not rested enough for muscle growth and development. so i am getting a grasp of that idea finally.


@Pastor I have no idea. You would have to ask my wife because her opinion trumps everyone else’s.

You look great buddy… Psalm 139:23-24. :wink:


You look awesome brotha you should be sooooo proud of yourself!!! You are a fkn stud :metal:t2: