Thanks UGM for your support! Fight night Sat 4-28


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Thanks @TrenGod. I’ll try that.


Due to cranking my intensity to 110% and due to the help of you my incredible, second to none sponsor @Iron_Junkie_Labs!


@Iron_Junkie_Labs, PM me bro. I need to talk to you if you have time or vice versa I can pm you just let me know bc I need to speak with you brotha. :fist_right::fist_left:


Damn homie you look like the Terminator a cyborg with only one mission to end this dude’s career! I have 120% full belief that you will go out and execute your well thought out plan. You are the man no one can take all the hard work dedication blood sweat and tears youve put into getting ready for this moment! You will go out there and put a beating on this dude that no one will soon forget especially him. If you have Ment on hand it would be ideal to take an hour before heading into the ring. Its what most of the MMA boys take to turn the switch into blood lust mode! Its your time to shine brotha your arms will be raised in victory tomm knowing damn well that you are the champ with the victory but already are a champ in the eyes of all your UGMuscle brothers. We are all super proud of you now drop this fool with the quickness my bro :muscle:t2::facepunch:t2: