Thanks to the staff of UGM and Roidtest


As part of a recent contest UGM was having I am now receiving a @ROIDTEST which should hopefully be in within a few days! @Bigmurph followed up extremely quick at the ending of the contest to get this done. So I would like to thank the staff of UGM for their goal of keeping members safe as best as they can.

When the roidtest comes in I will update everybody on the roidtest and it’s results, and at that time document with pictures the product tested and sponsor that is being tested!
Again thank you bigmurph and all the staff involved!


I would also like to thank you @josh for the kind words and for your participation.


A huge thank you to everybody who participated in the promos, to UG Muscle for hosting Harm Reduction Month and to all of you who took advantage of our 20% off promo code this month!