Thanks for the advice on donating blood


I just want to thank everybody that gave me the advice of donating blood with the american red cross. I just got home from donating. Was so well hydrated for the donation I got a pint of blood donated in 6 minutes and 5 seconds! Anyway so from the advice of everybody on here about it being so important to donate blood, (and from seeing my bloodwork from 3-4 week in cycle) it still felt good to do it for my health and safety but to find out it can help save up to 3 lives just from what I donated! Thanks again everybody‚Äč:muscle::muscle::muscle:


Your first step in saving hundreds of lives!!! Great job @josh. If every 8 week donations do not fit your schedule consider doing a double RBC donation. It takes about 20 minutes and only can be done every 16 weeks.

I seriously encourage you to make it a habit. You never know who may need it. :wink:


Already got my next scheduled appointment lined up!
Thanks bro


Rock it like a hurricane! :wink: