Thanks for getting UGM up and running


What do you mean collections


I also wanted to add any technological business or service needed please contact me [email protected]


The only service that ends in “cal” that I am interested in is pharmaceutiCAL. :wink:


Your my go to guy @Bigmurph :+1:






Nice play on words @SemperFi!


I can be the muscle behind the hussel :wink:


I can’t believe how busy UGM is today! This is great. Alot of good reads today!


Place is blowing up lots and lots of great people to learn from and help


Outfuckingstanding, if your gonna be the muscle behind the hustle, then I will be the dude with the Kimber .45, behind that big muscle @MBTJR1980


Lol @john using @MBTJR1980 as a shield lol


3.5lb finger curls. Nice workout @John