Thanks everyone. 1,000,000+


Just noticed we are over a million views monthly now. Not possible without the great family we have here on the board. Really great to pass this milestone and continue further! Thank you all!

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UGM growth stats- 2,000,000+ Monthly

Million sounds good but we need more :wink:


Im working daily on the seo bro. Its moving lol. Total numbers around 1,290,000 after pulling out the crawlers from google, yandex etc and trash. We should be nearing 2 million fast. Overall numbers are going up and ranking on google.


The site gets ranked?and what is seo


Yes sir, Google ranks the sites and a few other companies. Only one that really matters is google tbh. That determines where you show on a google search. SEO is search engine optimization. Thinks we work on behind the scenes to make the site rank better so google will show it over priority of other forums and sites.




Thanks for all your hard work TG


Awesome. I still consider my self a fairly new member but its great to have people like this around you. People that can be counted on and that are respected by their actions. This is a great board and I feel privileged to a part of this great group.


That’s awesome!! Great community.


I was just talking to PHD as hes in prep for a show and how it was in the early days of UGM and it was a handful of us tired of getting screwed over by sources and boards online. As we were growing, getting attacked by other sites over what we posted etc. But things all happen for a reason and I think were moving the right direction we should be with the right type of people and sources we want.


@TrenGod man Bro I remember all too well. Us inviting everyone and no one would stick with us lol. Now we have a loyal following. I will get to posting more. Just been busy with work and starting prep


Man we kept getting screwed by alot of sources lol. Even other pros that were afraid cause wed speak our minds here and allow it. didnt delete shit cause someone didnt like it. We kept pushing and helping everyone we could and it moved.


Absolutely love this place, lurked forums for way too long and was discouraged by the amount utter bullshit most people was spew on those forums. Came here, everyone keeps it real and isn’t afraid to say what they actually believe, you guys are definitely changing the came. I hope this growth won’t negatively affect this place though! Thanks for the great work guys


I feel privileged also to be part of a movement here something bold, different from all the wesk ass conformitive sites out there that wouldnt allow you freedom to speak your mind or be yourself. Yet i shouldnt be shocked as people fear change fear difference fear someone who isnt like the rest! Thats why we are changing the game here we have all found a home where we can be a family, speak our minds and not be critized as long as we are respectful and love our fellow brothers and sisters. Be proud of our new home, protect it, stand up for it, and most of all remember that its you who makes this place the awesomeness it is! To all my fellow UgMuscle peeps have a wonderful day be safe and keep kicking all types of ass :facepunch:t2::blue_heart:


Congrats but this place is just gonna keep growing every day


Yeah 71 new members this week.


I’m gonna be a star yet…hire someone to change my weights…:innocent::sunglasses: . my posing trunks will be so well made no one will know they are depends.


Ill pay the fee if you get on stage in depends bro. You just gotta do the routine on video for us lol


Ha ha your funny


but do u have to pay for ad space? in order to get priority or any google services monthly prescript?.. i have a site i have optimized…created keywords for search and made instances throught the site pages and did great but would get knocked down to specific search to be found instead of popping up with keywords…like wanted to pop up on the first page of search if someone put in. counter tops lets say…or even design…but we would be on the second or third…and when we have rejected offer to advertise because of how expensive…then we mysteriously stopped showing up less you type in the full website. and ofcourse i have a really crappy host ofcourse…constant issues with them…but yes just curious