Testing igf numbers on peptides


I’ve been running 100mcg cjc 1295 no dac/100mcg ghrp-2 2x a day then 100mcg cjc 1295 no dac/300mcg ipamorelin before bed for around 8 weeks now. I figure I should probably get my igf tested to see if these have been worth it.

I’m guessing that just like with hgh, since I’ve been on for 8 weeks and am doing igf, that it shouldn’t matter when I go get tested in relation to a pin, right? Would i need to be fasted?

The info on testing igf for peptides is super limited and I could not find much. Logically I’d think since it’s igf and not serum testing I could go whenever but just thought I’d see if anyone in here has possibly done this? Seems like nobody gets this done for peps for some reason.


Solid question im curious because I don’t even have a clue. I haven’t seen much about testing with peptides and I wish there was alot more out there.


Problem with peptides is first finding a reliable source. I personally don’t believe in them nor do I use them. They aren’t tested and not sure of what the side effects can be. I used them years ago before I had cancer.

I haven’t heard of any way to test them for purity or igf increase. Keep us posted for sure


@PHD yeah kinda why I wanna do some due diligence and go get my igf tested. I guess I will just go first thing in the morning when they open. It’ll be about 3 hours after my morning pin and I’ll jjst do it faster to be safe. I don’t have my baseline igf, but I do know what it used to be. So I should be able to tell if these are elevated or not.


There is some information that I have read that anabolic steroid use can increase igf levels so your results might be skewed giving you a false impression of the effectiveness of the peps.

Without being able to provide a spike based on comparative results I think it would be a waste of time.


Well I know what my numbers where when I was only running aas they were usually anywhere from 160-240 so if I tested this and it was 300s I’d for sure know. But then again so many damn things effect igf. I may just do it fornshits and giggles to see where I’m at.


Im curious because I have heard that peptides don’t show but I believe that this could be the excuse made to defend peptides that aren’t legitimate.
I really want to see what comes back because I myself have been interested in ipamorelin for awhile. Hopefully you get what you are looking for.

How do you feel about the peptides from your experience using different compounds do you believe that it has had a positive effect?


I feel like the ipamorelin has absolutely helped my sleep dosing before bed. The ghrp 2 raises my heart rate and gives me some stomach sides after dosing if I don’t eat 30 min maternity so it was awful before bed. Ruined my sleep. I feel like they have helped to keep me lean so far on this blast. I def added 4-5lbs of water weight within a week of starting them, similar to what people get from hgh I’d say. The pumps have been great In The gym but I attribute that mostly to the aas and hard to say how much extra the pros are giving. Personally I think they have for sure helped, but I also like to back things up by bloods. Hence my post.


Thats not scientifically possible. Growth hormone releasing peptides increase gh and gh effects are mediated through igf.

If someone is stating otherwise I think they are selling swamp land in Phoenix. Which is the case of many RC’s companies in my opinion.


I think that is what he was saying. That would just be an excuse for non legit pep companies.


Correct. He used the word “could” farther in the post and I was stating it as a fact. :wink: