TestC and 30g Slin Pin


I just did a test of @AlphaOmega TestC 300mg/mL using a 30g slin pin.

I heated the oil in a heating pad on medium heat for 15 minutes, Oil drew quickly and smoothly without the need for backloading. The oil injected smoothly and easily. Injection site was the VG.

This test proved to me that it is unnecessary to cause any increased trauma injecting AOL’s TestC with a bigger gauge needle. Long term use of the slin pin will decrease scar tissue buildup, makes for a more pleasant injection experience and saves money on supplies.


Guessing that would just be subq right? Can you really get a slin pin needle deep enough in your vg to be IM? I use them on my Delt but haven’t anywhere else. Was it 1/2”?


How much body fat do you have on the VG? I used a 1/2" needle and the oil slid in like a donkey’s dick in a crack whore. :wink:

It really doesn’t matter. There is no difference between an IM or a sub-Q injection in regards to serum levels.


Not much I guess. I’m gunna give this a go next time. I feel like back in the day I may have done this before. Glad you posted this.


My next dose is going into the tricep, then the pec, then the lat, and then I may try the bicep. I am not advising this. I am just going to give it a go.


I did my bicep and tricep once and had crazy pip but that was with bold ace lol prolly not the best choice for a first time bicep and triceps injection.


Some things were not meant to be suspended in oil and injected. I learned my lesson with primo ace. :wink:


Im driving you almost made me crash lol


Easy there @Bigmurph


No more crashes for you bro, put that phone in the center console.


I know 2 cars in 2 years smh


I use a slin pin for my bis. Only do half a cc in each head. 1 cc is just too much to break down. You can do it but break down is better to split 1/2 in each head of bi or tri


I have never used bicep inj
Im going to have to give it a try.
Do you inject dead center of the bicep or the side an angle of some sort?
I just have heard many try to pin biceps and it usually ends up with them saying never again.
Thanks for the info brother


Thanks for the insight @PHD. In all my years I have never pinned the bi’s so I am going to eventually do it just so I can say I did it.


It’s not bad at all I like to do calves also


Inside of bi I’ve done all over dead center in the peak outside head


I agree ive done everywhere in biceps but gotta go on either side of the split doen the middle and try to inject in the peak of both heads. Same for triceps wanna get it in the thickest part of the long head


We are trying to make it thinner as we speak! This was my main goal when creating these because I know quit a few of you pin a LOT, and if I can make it thinner letting you use a smaller pin then hey! Once it starts to warm up I will be sending out some freebies.

Fitraver has brought up something that concerns me about our Anavar, even though only 3 people out of hundreds who have ordered have something negative to say I am testing it. My goal is 100% what you see on the label is what you get. I have the raws that all passed strip test to be anavar and from the same batch as his order (I order alot at a time of each compound). Will keep you all updated. Will be sending a few grams out for spec testing Monday.


Second pin using a 30g slin in the tricep. Same result. Super easy to draw and super smooth to inject.


How much are you pushing and how long? I have a ton of insulin pins but it seems it would be very slow going in. I’ve never preheated though.