Test suspension or whole milk?


whipped up some test suspension tonight 100mg/ml. how much do you guys pin pwo?


I still think that its just whole milk lol
Ive still never ran base only nandro base but that looks like a really good product


Looks like milk to me. :wink:


That’s awesome…real suspension 150mhs /day. Does it clog? Everyone started calling it Mic r ionized. The last winstrol suspension I used clogged the syringe bad. Went through a 20g.


Ill never use it again either. I had same problems with it being clogged.


Wtf was that? Troy ilium it happened with I think, and dummy me would use a 20 g and “implant” 2cc. I did that for a whole bottle. Fever, half a grapefruit ass, red…after heating pads it finally dissipated somewhere. So one shot, 3 days off in bed. And I did it 3 more times…I never make this up. Why would I want to look like an idiot🏆


Fuck that milk suspension all it does is clog pins and create abscesses. I much rather use TNE even if it crashes easily and needs to be heated before every shot. Anything is better than being crippled with pip and high grade fever


has to be fresh milk! the bacteria love water base so it doesn’t have much of a shelf life if any at all