Test Only Cycle Experiences


Hey guys! Still pretty new here but anyways I’m on my first cycle of test E 500mg a week, was wondering if anyone here who has experience with a test only cycle can share their experiences? How long it took them to see results, how much weight/strength gained, what type of workout program they followed etc. Thanks in advance everybody!


Also know its extremely rare, but if anyone has progress pics from a test only cycle would be sweet!


Bro you already asked all of this in your “first cycle question” thread and we all responded. Why are you asking again? Hoping to magically hear something different?

Diet. Diet. Diet. Diet. Train hard. Sleep. Repeat.

Results are based on how you’re eating and training and what your goals are.


Sorry bro just trying to learn how long it usually takes people to start seeing results and when the “peak” of the cycle usually is. Assuming everything else is on point


For a long time 2 shots of sustenon is all I did…in one week you feel it in 2 weeks will have visible results, is a sweet, small safe cycle with awesome gains


Pastor, the only problem with your answer is you are basing it off sustanon… 4 esters… an incredibly short acting one. a medium, a long and a much longer release of esters is going to be an entirely different experience … … results aren’t visible unless one has a fairly decent diet and training regime going … the test is a tool and results vary from person to person based on several factors.


test levels begin to peak around the fifth week … but you may or may not see results based on where you are starting from, your diet, training and rest habits


That was also answered in your first post where it was said end of week four your levels Will be stable. As @KodiakGrrl just said as well.

I get that you’re on your first cycle and expecting this to be some kind of miracle supplement, so you’re coming on looking for one of us to tell you some
Magic answer around timing. The truth is, as we said in your first post, you need to have your diet on point and completely dialed in, which it seemed like you didn’t. I promise start there. Bat is the best advice you will receive. Bust your ass in the gym and get good rest and you will see results. But half adding diet and expecting gear to be magic is setting you up to fail.


Yes ma’am , of course



Like everyone else has said u gotta eat enough and put in the work, I didn’t quite have it all down but I ate everything in sight… lookin back I could have done a lot better… but yea week 4 u should start seeing results if u are doing it right… I did the exact cycle u are asking about… I had a good friend with some experience to workout with 4-5 times a week depending on how my body felt… But yea diet and gym time will be the only thing to make what u want to happen happen… first cycles are amazing if u do it right… people don’t turn into giants on the first cycle but you could see 15-25 pounds if u have your diet in order and make it worth it while in the gym


don’t forget good quality rest …