Test, MENT, Tren, Primobolan - Slow Burn Body Recomposition


It makes sense @SemperFi, I like npp better, I don’t typically use a lot of short esters,but one thing I’ve learned from npp is that it is one of the few healing oils that I notice a DEFINITE appetite increase.


And I always have it on hand, even to use at smaller doses just for the appetite increase


Lol that made more sense than you think. I usually avoid short esters but I’ve had a bunch of NPP sitting around for quite awhile now. I’ve just been waiting to see where I could fit it in. Now I have a better idea of how i can make it work for me. Thanks DD.


I personally like the increased size brought on by the water weight. I know it is only temporary and, at least for me, its easy to manage with Irwin Naturals Bloat Away.

NPP and Deca are very different creatures and both are great steroids. Just like other steroids reducing the release time using a different ester changes how that anabolic might be expressed in the individual.

BTW- I am getting really really fluffy. Up a size or two in my shirts and a notch or two in my belt.




Here is the product list that I have in route for this upcoming cycle. Any shortfalls will be covered by my current inventory.

Three (3) vials - Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/mL
Six (6) vials- Primobolan Depot 100mg/mL
Six (6) vials - Trestolone Acetate 50mg/mL
Six (6) vials- Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/mL
Two (2) amps- HCG 5000iu
One (1) box- Arimidex 1mg/tab
One (1) box - Cabaser 1mg/tab
One (1) box - Clenbuterol 40mcg/tab

I haven’t used HCG for several years and thought since this is my last ‘real’ steroid cycle I would use it post cycle to add some fullness back into the huevos. :wink:


Really looking forward to this my man! Still cant believe its gonna be your last blast :frowning:️ Best to make it one for the records :muscle:t2::metal:t2:


I am looking forward to the cycle @MBTJR1980. I am also looking forward to moving on. Thanks for your support and I guarantee you I will give this one my all.


I will be honest with just a couple of changes that would definitely be my bucket list cycle.
Im jealous lol


Can’t make perfect more perfect. No changes necessary.


In reality I would just use ephedrine over clen and use aromasin over adex not really a change just substitutions of different compounds that work better for me.
I really am jealous though because I look at that cycle and imagine a huge lean mass increase that will hold.


Thats actually not the sole purpose of the cycle but I will take any mass increase that is provided. My calorie plan and the keto diet is not going to provide ‘unreal’ or ‘huge’ mass increases. Much less than what most people believe that they can gain on a single cycle. :wink:

The more developed I become and the more muscle I hold the less that I gain on cycle is my personal experience. The new and inexperienced are at a clear advantage in this area if they can do things right.


Even without a ton of carbs I believe that your high protein intake will get you some mass out of this cycle. The tren and trest are both very Anabolic.


The bigger and longer i have been doing this the harder it becomes to gain. As with anything in life your body becomes more accustomed to the higher levels of hormones and you need more and more to gain. I dont want to go any higher than i already have to use so i hover where i am trying to refine the quality as much as possible