Test, MENT, Tren, Primobolan - Slow Burn Body Recomposition


@SemperFi I notice you list your ai as arimidex. Been reading up a lot on MENT this morning and it seems like the biggest issue for everyone that runs it is gyno. Seems like every log of it I found talked about that flaring up even despite ai use. Do you plan to run nolva or caber? I know you’ve used it before, so curious if you had any gyno sides even on ai and how you combatted them if you did.



I am not side sensitive, even when using MENT @ 50mg/ED but I always have caber & nolva on hand and so should everyone else. :wink:

Some of the doses I have seen people mention of MENT are crazy high. They are either using counterfeit MENT or don’t really care what they are doing to their body.


I agree with @SemperFi its very androgenic so definitely have caber on hand since it’s so powerful. I will be running a similar protocol after my show and I have it on hand also. I usually only have a touch of gh I once in around 1000mg test other than that it’s never bothered me


Good to know. Thanks bro. I’m still trying to decide what I wanna run with my primo next blast to add some good size. Wanna push for 210 and still lean.


I’m always planning ahead for my next blast and I’ve been thinking of running Ment but it scares the hell out of me. I’ve only had one minor scare with gyno. I’m not very prone to gyno but something happened along the way with my AI. Anyway, I’m up in the air with Ment because of that now. I was thinking of running Deca and DHB or Ment and DHB. Do you have an opinion on that? The goal is obviously a straight bulk.


I’m the same way bro. It looks amazing, but the gyno part really makes me nervous haha jjst cuz I have the tiniest bit from my first cycle when I was clueless. It’s not even noticeable but indef don’t want it worse.


Mine was barely there. I felt a slight sensitivity and could barely feel something behind my nipples. I immediately started .5 caber, 20mg nolva and switched my AI to Letro. It only took about a week to clear but it still was enough to worry me about things like Ment


Gyno is contralble guys no reason to be scared. Have your items on hand so there are no issues. @fitraver you can always run deca with primo :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I had knots years ago it’s always my right side. I had bunk nolva and arimadex. It took me a while to find legit stuff. I
Kept running heavy cycle and said fuck it. Once I found legit stuff it was cleared in less than 3 weeks. I think I used nolva and arimadex


I would say that it seems solid,minus the test. I had come across some research which esapes me now but if you’re running MENT its better to leave the test out because it would be taking up AR space. Supposedly the tren w ment would be what you want and it hits the AR better synergistically. I myself have yet to run the ment though so I’m not speaking 1’st hand. Good luck though and keep your progress posted


I know nothing about DHB. Deca is a tried and proven bulking steroid with a very long history. MENT is relatively new with very little ancedotal evidence and even less scientific evidence to lean on.

MENT will not cause deca dick or a decrease in libido. It is the only steroid in existence that will maintain all male sexual behavior in the absence of testosterone. When using MENT my libido skyrockets and I get wood when the wind blows. The only negatives for me is oily skin and quick conversion to estrogen.

Deca I experience a loss of libido and struggle getting solid wood about 6-8 weeks in. I have had very few pimples in my life but when I use deca I get a few here and there.

If I was in your position and wanted a solid straight bulking cycle I would go Test/Deca/Dbol. With good clean calories and a solid training regimen this never fails to add mass.


Thanks for jumping in @BERSERKER973. I have used MENT as a replacement for testosterone on TRT. In my experience I prefer to use it with a replacement dose of testosterone on cycle.


When is blast off @SemperFi???


That is dependent on when santa delivers all my toys. The plan is second week of December. If there are any delays I will wait until after the Christmas holiday.


Hopefully Santa has his shit together lol


I raised three daughters so I am as patient as an oak! :wink:


I’ve never experienced a lack of libido or deca dick. I’ve run Deca up to 700mg and still didn’t experience any of those sides. I’m really not too prone to physical sides either. Acne, hair loss, that sort of thing. The only incident I had with gyno was because I had an underdosed AI and my estro got away from me. I run caber with Deca at a low dose of .5/week and my AI. I still want to try MENT someday but I think I’ll take your advice and stick to what I know works best. Maybe I’ll run NPP instead of Deca and run it with the DHB. That should be a great blast. I swore off orals for awhile so I’ll forego the dbol this go around but I appreciate your insight brother.


NP SEMPER FI,just chiming in w my 2cents. Like I said keep us posted.


My experience with NPP is much different than Deca. I felt it to be more of a compliment then what I experience from Deca. Deca in about 6-8 weeks seems to just take over. I know that is not the reality from a scientific perspective but that is the best way i can describe it. NPP, on the other hand, is their almost immediately and compliments the other steroids that are part of an cycle but I never got the sense that it took over the cycle or was the driving force behind the results.

This probably makes zero sense but their is opportunity in the midst of chaos. :wink:


Totally agree bro. I don’t like deca because of the same issues and it puts a lot of water on you. NPP compliments things better than deca.