Test, MENT, Tren, Primobolan - Slow Burn Body Recomposition


Yeah I just cant get that here so trying to get the sweet spot with what I can. My last 8 iu a day i could feel it but wasnt as strong as when i was taking Saizen. That was fucking awesome. @PHD is getting badass results from his gh but dont want to risk the shipment here.


Don’t laugh but what is ment


I like your stack bro. @SymBiotecLab sent me some ment for after my show. I’d like feed back on that compound please. I’ve heard so many good things about it but deff rough on the body. 2iu gh is nothing you know as well as I do there won’t be water retention. I use 4iu a day and well you know how grainy I am lol.

I personally think you will be back on a small cycle to maintain because I’m sure your natural production is super low. I know mine is and I’ll be on test for life according to my dr.

Please keep me posted on the ment.


@PHD This will be my fourth run of MENT and at 50mg/ed or 100mg/eod I really like it. Most of the sides and actual results are over exaggerated but do need to taken into consideration. If you dig tren you will dig MENT. I am already committed to TRT for life so I can always play with the dose depending on what I want to use it for. The last time I had my natty level tested 5 years ago it was 119ng/dL.

@Coalhogg MENT is Trestolone Acetate.


A modified or anabolic style keto diet could include carb refeed day(s) on a regular timeframe. One of the most popular versions is by Dr. Mauro Di Pasqual. You can find the downloadable version at:


I will be straight keto but will have carbs as high as 50-60g a day but the majority of those will be around training times.


Out of curiosity why would you think Primobolan would only be beneficial in the cycle in a deficit? I realize the muscle retention benefits of primo in a deficit but I am not looking to retain muscle. Retaining is not going to be an issue because if I actually enter a deficit it is going to minimal. I am wanting to gain muscle while losing BF… a slow burn. :wink:


Thanks for the reminder @Jstan. I have never had issues with either. MENT provides a huge well being increase and I have never noticed any mental issues with tren personally. I know others who can’t say the same thing concerning tren and I appreciate the reminder of the possibility.


Wasn’t he the one that did the WBF diets in '92? I believe so. I have looked at keto then. I’m sure there’s different ways.


Its closer than you can imagine. After being my lightest in several years at 206 and sub 8% on September 1 the extra weight I am carrying is almost foreign to me. I think I have back fat again… not sure because I am not flexible enough to even see. :joy:


Hahaha when I was 215 it was legit hard for me to put on my socks. That was a big difference from 155, so I feel you.


I am thankful for all the comments so far and I am taking it all in. Keep bringing suggestions, comments and constructive criticism.


I know you’re a veteran in this game and outside of it. You’re a smart man so I know you got your mental game down. Happy blast brother


I was surprised that you were going to go with the primo without a deficit while running tren and trest. I believe that the tren and trest will over shadow the primo. I do know how good primo is though. I was surprised that you added it on top. I would have thought that tren e would have been your goto for a long cut. Possibly even add stenbolone on top of the tren and test.
This was just my assumption since you weren’t going to run a deficit.
This is what I would have thought.

I believe that the split of tren and trest is going to give you amazing mass starting with the trest and ending with the tren is going to harden you up nicely.
Primo is an amazing compound it will work its magic I just don’t see it shining through with trest and tren on top. It will add to mass gains. I ran it bulking in my last cycle with great results. It changed my physique.
If I were running my last cycle I would probably run the primo 20wks while running the hgh and lowering my test levels back down to cruise after discontinuing the tren.
I would want to run primo as long as possible its an amazing compound.
Your anabolic/androgenic stack of the compounds you choose is a good choice for a long slow burn. The split of trest and tren for 8wks a piece I believe is a great idea in your case. Only because you have experience with both already. I would probably recommend to someone without the experience with each compound not to use all of them.


Ok I have to jump in here on the primo. First off primo isn’t a mass gainer it’s used perfectly for small gains that you will keep. Hence why lots of women use this as a go to since sides are very minimal and reversible such has the hair loss which you will go back to normal after use. This stack is perfect for his goals.

I have to ask though for your stack why would you use deca with a cutter like primo? I’m absolutely not
Being a dick. To me that stack makes no sense. I know you have explained your thought process but I just don’t get it. Again not being a dick just discussion


Thanks for your comments murph.

It is a recomp. I chose not to include sten or stan because I do not need the hardening effect with no actual anabolic benefit that those two would bring to the table. Neither stenbolone nor stanolone will provide any actual increases in muscle mass. I want the clean lean keepable muscle that primo provides.


I just realized that your talking about me lol

I don’t want to hijack the thread but short and sweet its not going to happen the way I planned. Ive spoken with you and others and I have been told that I should split it to get more out of both instead of on top of each other. You and others have all said this.
I still believe that it was great but this is why I always discuss my thoughts with multiple individuals. Ive got a great imagination but im not always right about what I dream up.


Hahahahaha ok good glad you listened lol.


Hey @Gingerlifter I wanted to point you in this direction and let you know I will hold up my end of the bargain. I will be a few days behind you on creating my log. I will post up once I have the steroid portion of my cycle decided.

Nice move on accepting the triple dog dare. That alone makes you a stud in my book!


I have nailed down the the compound portion of my cycle planning. Thats the easy part. :wink: I now am going to spend the next couple of weeks planning my routine and formulate my calorie intake with my food choices to support my goals over the 16 week period of the cycle. Two weeks prior to the actual start date I will drop carbs down to 20g/day while increasing my fat intake and begin my transition back into ketosis.

I will get my cycle log posted in the next week or so.

Thanks again to everyone who provided input and advice.


I really like the idea of getting your body ready for the cycle . I cant wait to see your log brother.