Test, MENT, Tren, Primobolan - Slow Burn Body Recomposition


Get your guns loaded and get ready to blast away at this one gang. I am looking for comments, feedback and constructive criticism on the steroid cycle itself. I would like comments from any member who wishes to comment. My routine and actual keto macro breakdown is still being considered. I am going 16 weeks because I want a slow burn with as much time as possible to add lean muscle. I don’t want to be in a calorie deficit unless absolutely necessary.

My ultimate goal is combining this cycle with my ketogenic lifestyle. I won’t need to gain a huge amount of muscle nor drop much body fat. But I will take all the lean muscle gains I can get. I don’t know exactly what my body comp will be at the beginning of the cycle because I am currently in a bulk with carbs, TRT only, for another 4-6 weeks. I can assume from experience that I will start at around 235lbs and closer to 15% than 10%. My ultimate goal is to be 225lb and around 10%. If I come in higher than that at 10% I will be happy. I have been sub 8% and that is too hard to maintain and have an actual life. I am not a competing athlete of any kind.

This is going to be my very last steroid cycle. Some have heard me say this before but I am committed to moving on. I am 52 and ready to accept my fate… :grin:

I have experience with all the steroids included.

Weeks 1-16 - TestE 250mg/wk
Weeks 1-16 - Primo Depot 400mg/wk
Weeks 1-16 - Humatrope 2iu/day
Weeks 1-8 - MENT 350mg/wk
Weeks 9-16 - TrenA 350mg/wk

AI - Arimidex

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I can say that your goals are definitely achievable.
The test,primo and huma are a solid cycle. Adding the trest is going to add alot of mass from what ive heard about it and then transferring into tren a will really give you a hard look especially while running primobolan.
I don’t have the experience with tren but do you believe that the primobolan is needed while running tren and trest split over 16wk.
I love primo so I know why you definitely want to run it. I don’t know if it would be needed since you don’t plan on running a deficit.
Why not test,tren e,primo?
Just a suggestion
I know that the trest with a short burst of tren is going to really get you there


Your last cycle? :disappointed_relieved: That is a heart breaker for me bro. Def a great looking cycle as laid out. I dont have any experience with MENT but ive heard it can turn you into a real ASSHOLE!! I like the dosages of all the compounds laid out. Great choice for gh as not many have access to Humatrope. Overall i like it bro and diet wise you are super well read and the leading authority here at UGM on keto. Im pulling for you bro. Ive seen your pics it’s extremely hard to believe that you are 52! You look fkn amazing :facepunch:t2:


You know we’ve talked about this one bro and I cannot wait to watch you slaughter this. 100% following along once you get going on this. I like the layout. You’re gunna own it. I wanna see pics when you get to 235 :scream::wink:


Man I think on that new keto diet ( I hate that word diet lol) and the dedication I know you have, theres zero reason you couldnt hit 225 between 10 and 12%. I’m with @Bigmurph on this one though buddy. The Trest is gonna add mass and a good bit of weight only to have to turn around and hope you added the Tren A soon enough to make the cut. The Humitrop is already going to cause some bloat from water retention as well. I feel like the Trest would compound on that. If I planned this cycle, I’d cut out the Trest and run Test/Primo/ Humi/TrenA. I would be inclined to add a Var finisher to this cycle. Just my .02 broham


Nice thing about keto is bloating isnt really a thing.


That’s something I’m not familiar with lol. Do you think being on keto would circumvent the bloat from HGH and Trest though?


I have been on gh for over three years. 2iu comes without any bloat and any ‘bloating’ from Trest is literally going to be gone in a few days upon cessation. It is almost impossible to retain water in a ketogenic state.


Interesting. That was really my only “concern” with it. I learn something new every day. Carry on Devil Dog.


Perfect. My best gains were always test and primo or EQ or deca base and exchanging another one or two every 6 to 8 weeks. 16 weeks is a good choice too. Your only doing primo and test for that long. I have done my best with this exact type. Years ago I would rotate an oral and if something good came around. I always went off in theory for 4 weeks but really everything was still in the system coming down. But, like you said goal different now. I think with this , you can hit any goal. Of course since I like torn muscles I always added inj winny at the end or later masteron. Ment fast or slow?


Cruising at 2iu? Notice much difference?


I really really really like this combo. Ment and tren A will make you monstrously unstable mentally if you dont know what you’re doing , but you’re a fucking pro. I see strength and hardening going through the roof. Especially going keto. Ketones are jet fuel on anabolics


You like torn muscles


I used to respond so well to winstrol v “from Joey at the track” I’m sure that vascular hard feeling , contributed to muscle ruptures.


Yeah ive heard that its really hard on tendons. Drying you up especially joints.


Do people cycle carbs on keto? I really haven’t researched too much on this one because of snippets of 30g or 0 per day of carbs. I also have read there is a tough adjustment period? I just think of the brain fog of low carb contest diet.


Well @SemperFi I honestly feel that my opinion wouldn’t count for much as I’m under 5 years of lifting/ and use of healing oils, which dulls in comparison to your experience and knowledge, not to say a new guy can’t bring something new to the table, but I’m not that guy.i have learned more then a few things from you,and I know I’m gonna learn more, so thank you.


I am doing it strictly for the anti-aging benefits. I have gone as high as 8iu’s on cycle in the past but 4iu was my point of comfort. Source is drying up so I have been at 2iu for about 6 months or so.


Lowest I go is 5 when I run it but next year will try a year at 10iu. I think 2iu year around is about anti aging dosage. Given if its a good product.

Every thing else looks good.


8iu was uncomfortable as heck. Joint aching, day time sleepiness, swollen hands and trigger fingers made it impractical for this ol’ dog. I have used both genotropin and humatrope exclusively. I have never used the UGL sold gh so I don’t have any good or bad to say. We all know that we have a sponsor who has gh that is testing in the 30’s and that is pharma numbers!