Test front loading


What’s everyone’s opinion on front loading. I’m gonna start 500mg test e and 600 eq in a few weeks. First week was gonna front load the test at 1000 then 750 then stay steady at 500 for rest of cycle. Thoughts


Hello, front load the eq too and a kick start for the first 4 weeks. Am 13
weeks now on test e + deca + eq. and eq is very slow. TNE would be a great kick start and is a great pre work out. Have your AI’s ready too


I was gunna say. I’d front load the eq over the test if I had to pick.


Thanks for the advice guys.


I personally have never been a fan a front loading only because especially with testosterone you have your hormones shooting way up real fast then coming back down to level off I don’t really see why you would want to run a roller coaster with your hormones. There are many people that really believe about front loading is definitely a must. I personally think that a kick and a taper are much better approach. If you want to use test start with a kick of test prop that way it starts working much faster and your levels climb and if you do the kick properly they will just level off at a peak. I also believe a taper is almost a must tapering off a very high level of testosterone I believe will help you keep a lot of the gains you made during your cycle.
Compounds like equipoise or Primo or any dhb type compound might actually have an advantage if you front load them and then add in your test. I have researched this and it does seem like a very long Ester compound or a compound that has very slow acting effects can be front-loaded with an advantage. I’ve seen this but I don’t believe in it. I’m interested to read what other people believe on this topic it’s usually a big debate when spoken about. Great post


I like that kick and a taper…is very true what Bighmurph says lately just the use of TNE creates the need of more adex. Great answer


Frontloading really doesn’t mean running higher levels of steroids in the earlier part of the cycle. It means using a dosing protocol where levels almost immediately reach what will be the later steady-state levels of the drug. When not frontloading, and simply using the drug at the same dosing as will be used throughout it takes several to many half-lives for levels to build up to where they will ultimately arrive. Instead, one can inject on the first day an amount equal to that which is on average injected per half-life, plus what will be the ongoing dose. This will lead to fairly promptly having the same levels that will be the case throughout the cycle. If a drug’s half-life is two days and the ongoing plan is to inject daily, then to frontload the first day’s injection is three days’ worth. If a drug’s half-life is six days and the ongoing plan is to inject every other day, then to frontload the first day’s injection is four times the ongoing amount. Because there would be 3 injections per half life so you would need to add another one. It’s fairly common, when users don’t frontload, the results would be minimal or difficult to detect in the first couple of weeks and even to some degree into the third week. This is particularly true with long-acting esters. Another factor is that rate of muscle gain isn’t as high when starting from a higher level.


Yup I agree with bigmurph, I always use a prop kickstart and a prop taper.