Test and Deca Cycle


Wanted to get opinions about running a test deca cycle. Is it better to run higher Test to Deca or higher deca to test, or keep them equal. Looking to run this for my bulking cycle in the fall. Just wanted to get your experiences with this, Thanks.


I think ‘better’ is all personally based. I can’t definitively say I like one ratio over the other but 600/400 or 400/600 is what I consider when running Deca. I would say how you react and length of cycle determines what is better. I am not test side sensitive but at times deca has some different sides that I am not to used to… like acne. Nothing crazy but enough to know that it wasn’t the test.

I like the old school proven cycles like dbol, test, deca. There is good reason they were so popular plus each of those compounds have a long history of anecdotal evidence of the potential results. Good luck on your fall bulk planning.


If you are not experience and dont know yourself using this 2 compounds go 2:1, keep the test higher, but what are the details, how much of each, what are your goals, what are your stats…preparation is essential…if i may suggest dont just shoot test and deca


If you want some more specific advice lay out where you currently are at and where you want to be. Goals etc. Experience with cycles. I hated deca. Didnt have any positive response to it. But i loved EQ.

Let us know more what you want to accomplish, how long your run will be. Training, diet etc and we can help you reach your goals better. Remember a cycle is useless without the proper training and diet.


Sorry for the vague post. Right now I’m running a Primo/Test/Winny Cycle. I’m on fhe back end of it. 600 Primo/300 Test/ 50migs ED of Winny. Cycle is going great. I’m currently at 175 around 8/9% BF. Height 5’5. It’s been a very good cutting cycle.

I’ve ran a few simple cycles in the past. Test only, test Tbol, EQ and test. Test/Tren. I’ve never ran deca before so I wanted to give it a go. I want to put on some size next winter. 15 to 20 lbs is what I’m hoping for. My cycle would be 16 weeks Test/Deca/Tbol/Proviron. I’ve always ran the test higher But I’ve noticed more sides. So I’m looking to run the Deca higher than the test. It has worked out well during this current cycle where I’m running the Primo higher than the test.


Have you considered NPP?

Primo is a DHT derivative and Deca is a test derivative so you are comparing apples to oranges for your ratio reasoning. A higher Deca dose does work for me but you have to find what works best for you. Running NPP first may be a good launching pad to find your tolerance.


How prone are you to gyno?


Never thought about NPP, wouldn’t know where to start.


Very prone to gyno


One word… Google. :wink:


The use of Deca is going to increase your exposure/risk to prolactin and progesterone related gyno.

NPP will also but the shorter ester makes it a better springboard into the world of nandrolones in my opinion.


I’m boycotting Google


if you want to know the click words of the dayt? google is ok. if you want to know what cycle you need and why? come here. we want an honest community and to help people. I was lucky to be part of an exclusive forum along time ago. Now UGM tries to help as many people as we can. with honest info and no bias. Thats what makes us different then the others. Our members want the best for the other members. @SemperFi is a good example of that


@siglo69 Try this buddy…


Thanks Bro. I was being sarcastic. I appreciate all the help. Still need to find my way around this forum


@siglo69 I am new myself and trying to learn all the ins and outs of the format myself. I am a really slow learner so my learning curve could be huge! LOL