Taking new clients ****UGM MEMBERS SPECIAL-*****


@GC1985 thanks bro this means a lot to me. Even I learn things daily and use a coach. I’m by no means a know it all.

For instance tonight I did a new tricep exercise that I saw dusty Hanshaw perform. So you know how you do incline skull crushers with the bar? Well this absolutely kills my elbows super bad even with elbow sleeves on. Well he did them with kettle bells because he’s also had elbow issues. So I decided to try them tonight. Fucking destroyed them the pump was stupid insane and guess what not one elbow pain while performing them. Now note that I always warm up elbows with rope extensions this really helps my elbows. So give this move a try. Start off with light weight to test the waters so to speak make sure it’s not hurting.

Can’t wait to start working with you bro. Again thank you and I’m super humbled by your post.


I am not pimping for @phd but hearing these things is great. And why wouldn’t we want to support one of our members keep their schedule full with clients and at the same time see members making gains they have only dreamt about. My best gains were under the mentorship of a coach. Sounds like a win for PhD, a win for the member and a win for all of UGM.

Looking forward to seeing members posting their training log with PHD.


I just caught your kettlebell comment. I do kettlebell skull crushers as well. Not because I have elbow issues but because I can get a deeper stretch than when using the bar. Besides incline I use them lying flat also and can really smoke them hard.