Taking new clients ****UGM MEMBERS SPECIAL-*****


Ok UGM family. I am going to offer my services for coaching. This will be one on one. I will give you a detailed diet based off an excel sheet and have all your calories fats proteins and carbs all broke down for each meal and totals. I even have a pie chart. I will help with workouts and suggest gear protocols.

I’m seeing a lot of posts and it seems majority of people just don’t have direction when it comes to taking gear or dieting. So I want to help you all and by my help it will also help educate and guide you. We can always learn new things. I learn new things daily.

I’m offering a special for UGM of $150 a month with a minimum of a 6 month contract. My normal rate is $250 a month. You need minimum of 6 months consistent to really see your gains or weight loss or whatever your goals are. You can pay in full for a discount.

Now is the time and I can help you reach your goals. Let’s do this. We will have weekly check ins via email and I will give you my feed back for your update and adjust Your plan (diet, gear, workouts) accordingly.


I dont think people realise how much a proper training, diet and cycle are crucial to achieving the proper results. Otherwise you wasted months of time and money and possibly fuck up your body in the process.

Every single workout and diet that @PHD has worked with me on yielded great results but its not easy and for people who are serious about their training and results.


I could not agree more @TrenGod. Most people see purchasing professional advice and/or coaching as an expense. When in all reality it is an investment in themselves. Investments provide a return and expenses do not. :wink:

For anyone who has not considered getting professional coaching for themselves… they should. Anyone who is on the fence should get off the pot or shit… it is money well spent with the right person.



Dear UGM members,

So simple….but …so true and so……often underestimate by so many. Professionalism is a key in everything we do! Professional advice, support and those circumstances adequate gear is most viable direction to achieve YOUR goal. Most people very often wrongly think they can do it just by themselves however when it comes to a simple example of visit to a doctor when the health is our ultimate goal at that time we go for professional advice/ diagnosis and expect to be supported by right medication to achieve long lasting goal of healthy body/mind. We do not question Doctors advice as we perceive them as professionals. Very often pay for that advice so…… if it would be that simple as we think and learn everything of the internet why wouldn’t you just treat yourself in a first place?!

……The choice is always yours……
……Good offer not to be missed…….

Kind regards

SymBiotecLab Team

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I dont think we have a single member that comes close to what @PHD puts into this sport and has accomplished. I dont see anyone else here holding overall state titles, competing on nationals, being in magazines etc. Ive also seen first hand what diets and training and cycles he has taken and advised me to take. These arent some cookie cutter workouts he copied off line.

Hes friends with alot of well known Pros and brought them over to the board and has alot of knowledge into what they are doing and why. Unfornately those pros will read some disinformation they see on the board and get discouraged to come back and help people.

Now heres an issue. Most trainers like John Meadows for example, will help people with diet and training but will stay away from telling the average client what cycles to take and why. They dont want the liability. If they know you then yeah. They will help with that. Ive hired John years ago to help me achieve my next level. That was one of the best things i could have done in my years.

I talk to phd nearly everyday for the past 5 years. In real life hes probably the nicest guy Ive known and ive asked him several times over the years to offer his services here. Fact is he doesnt need to. He has plenty of people he works with regularly. Now he puts himself out to help others, then no. He doesnt need a gimmick or sales pitch.


Your right, I don’t know, or do a quarter of what he does, I’m not nearly committed as half the people on this board… but we’re all in it for diff reasons, he does shows, competes I don’t, so of course he’s more committed, it’s a hobby of mine like a lot of people on the bored. I don’t doubt him at all about his knowledge of this sport or what he’s accomplished or who he knows.


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I would honestly hire him if I could afford him at the moment and wasn’t committed to a coach already. Will definitely hope to have him in my arsenal in the future though, especially to reach my next level. I’m always willing to learn and I don’t back down from hard work. So please keep me in mind for the near future @phd :muscle:


I’m only charging $150 a month with minimum 6 month commitment. Usually I charge $250. Just let me know and it’s not just for bodybuilding any fitness goals.


i for one am very interested…let me get my coins together and i will pm u on the first of sept to get things going. i got money going out evert where and stuff already pending. i am soo not good at excell sheets though…i am more a you need to do this and that and yoy need to see proof. type a guy lol!!


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Sounds good man. Just pm me when ready and we will get things rolling. I’ve already helped a source on here who I’ll keep anonymous. They were super busy and followed my plan maybe 50% of the time and saw results. They just couldn’t follow the plan due to being so busy. So we decided best to wait till they could have time to follow correctly.


I’m in, never had a coach before. Looking to make some serious gains.


I would really recommend talking to @PHD if you are looking for a coach. If any of you have read any of my recent post I had an unpleasant experience with a coach but as soon as my elbow recovers I will be working with @PHD. If you have seen his post then you know he is a very knowledgeable individual. One of the biggest things that stood out to me when I was messaging with him was how he tailors the plan for YOU. A lot of trainers and coaches have a one plan fits all mindset. I don’t know if that is from a lack of knowledge but it usually does more bad than good. I really look forward to working with him! If you are anything like me and love to learn and believe you will never have all the answers I think a coach is great investment in yourself.