and Symbomass review and scams. READ here for the truth!

Symbomass is linked to various other sites including euroking that have not produced products per reviews to clients.

@ghera is promoting this site and respectfully trying to defend his actions. You can find the full review on his site url on our site under the EuroKing eroids scam fuckery going on. Symbomass backlinking to his templated steroid site which links to multiple others is here.

@ghera I’ll give you this link and advertising no problem. While you still haven’t provided anything to show you are running a scam site, whether full or selective scammer (EuroKing is known as a selective scammer) I’ll give you this to defend and prove me wrong.

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@ghera here you go. As well the other attention you wanted in less then 2 days we got your thread here at number 6 for symbomass scam search on google.