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I didn’t realize you were doing a contest @Pastor that this coming weekend? Masters men’s physique?


No am finishing a cycle i started al most 20 weeks ago (before SBL), i just wanna see how lean i caN GET USING sbl masteron p . i will do Shermans Muscle Beach Classic, Oct 20 th


IT has become very easy to to work, workout and just function every day on 30 grs of carbs, also doing 40 mins of cardio a day and in general my attitude has been excellent, i sleep great; right now am 163 pounds…i have lost almost 20 pounds . I have a week left. I have been enjoying a great deal of support and companionship from SBL…even my wife is getting all best advises and help. Thanks SBL


I gotta say , maybe a little to much info is being put out … I’m just saying that because I don’t want to see some jealous idiots or agenda people make trouble. I’ve seen some where and when’s, pics showing everything. I’m not as worried about " the alphabet men" as @bigmurph put it but trollers who might not like what we say. …with that being written…" The Doc" @Pastor new nickname for SBL. Kicks ass. Received my things lightning fast for all the Bullshit I have to go through. Great job. With a bit more collecting my experiment can move forward.





I was 180-182 pounds 12-13% bf 6 weeks ago when i started this cutting cycle am 54 years old…I was on deca/ test e/ eq it did not work for me…that is when i started my journey with SBL…started using his masteron p and all his advises, but i wanted to finish the cycle, about 2 weeks ago i finally got rid of the deca. This morning am 155 pounds and 8-8.55 bf

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I must improve so after a cheat meal today and a few days of rest will keep going with 30 grs of carbs a day for a couple of week. Also today i start TRT for 4 weeks on SBL test cyp.200 mg / week (2 pins of 100 mg)
Our goal is Sherman’s Muscle Beach Classic on October the 20th, National Qualifiers, Master’s men’s Physique.
SBL doctor is the toughest guy i have followed as a trainer and everything he says to do is just hard core extreme measurements. Am very grateful for the opportunity to be young again and go back to competition supported in such a great manner by incredible knowledge and the highest quality chemicals


Way better look from before. I must agree even before I pop open a few things today from SBL and start my own little experiment. Is not a cheerleader, different than some places I’ve dealt with before. Confident with his product
Again looking good. Don’t measure 54 to 27 or do it and kick 27 yo pastor’s @##


I started my TRT yesterday on SBL test cyp 200 and am doing it in the following manner according to SBL doctor directions: 100 mg/ twice a week.
It was nice, smooth …painless. I will stay like this for 4 weeks and then post blood work . after that will start 14-15 weeks cycle preparation for the show


I have been 0ne week on TRT (200mg test cyp, 2 pins a week, 100 mg each)
Am still on 30 grs carbs a day…laying a strong foundation of leanness to start my cycle.
Friday the 6 th of July i will get blood work, last week of TRT.
This is where am at today


Outfuckingstanding brother GET IT!!


Digging it!


This is the blood work result, after a period of 4 weeks on 200 mg of SBL test cypionate. 2 pins of 100 mg. Blood test was taken 48-50 hrs after last injection


Id like to add my experience with SBL as well.
A++ Communication
A++ Service
Very fast shipping
Perfect experience, will be doing much more business very soon.