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SBL doctor will have all answers for you


I been asking him a bunch of questions already


Tell me about it…am there all day long


Yes @John, educating yourself is the best way forward not to forget that we learn every single day therefore good knowledge on subject is always useful and help us better understand AAS. However we have to also remember that we are all different therefore our body can respond differently to ASS. We have to take into consideration dosage, time, diet, etc although the main point is that our own body teach us best… look, listen and feel guys :blush:

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Absolutely doc, I definetly need to listen to my body more, and talk to you more


@Pastor sometimes it is hard to find answers to various questions.
The most important is knowledge and balance to find the golden point :slight_smile:

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Amen beloved


After the reviews that I’ve read here I’ve decided to give SBL a go! So far I can say customer service has been top-notch Llike other brothers have stated, i will be getting my order processed Monday and will keep the brothers posted on arrival! But the true testament of the product will be the results from using it, once I start my cycle I’ll get blood work done and post results! Hoping it is as good as the “CS” and pricing, which at the end is the most important thing!




our pleasure @Tooorch we always try to work hard for our customers :slight_smile:

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I asked doctor yesterday : will i have to use tren as i get ready for the show? he answered i have read your posts on tren, He answered 50 mg tren e/ week. and i felt something coming so clear…when i used tren i did 50 mg tren a + 50 mg test p eod…why would I use something more powerful same as something weaker specially considering my personal reaction to it ; if you think about it the biggest problem of AAS is dosage and the sickness and death that comes from it. Doctor always compels me to use less and make best out of it and find what is good right and healthy for me. Thanks Doctor


You either must have a very open minded doctor or live in another country, if I were to tell my doctor I use or he knew about my dealings beyond his supposed medical expertise he’d deny my the Waston cypionate he gives me every week! He thinks that 1shot a wk is what has me up a going, if he only knew! :joy:


SBL doctor, beloved…pH D in biochemistry


Got you! :joy:


Hey Pastor! Have you reached out or heard from SBL lately? Haven’t heard back from CS in a couple days, not sure if they out at the moment or something else? CS was suppose to get back to me with suggestions on my cycle, never heard back! Since I’ve dealt with them, usually get some reply with 24hrs m! But as of right now nothing!


I believe that @SymBiotecLab was on a national holiday type vacation for another few days


Festive season, he will be back at work tomorrow


Got it! Thanks


Ok! Makes sense m! Thanks


Am on 30 grs of carbs a day, all the way to Wednesday 6th, will deplete 7th and 8th, will carb up 9th (400 grs) and see how i look on the 10th. I have not been here in 9 years and i realize that am just not a gifted person…but i have all the passion to get it done. When i was competing before i was in a different state of mind, i think most of you know my story so there is one thing that gives me so much hope of doing well in a national qualifier level show : SBL doctor’s support; i never had the access to all the necessary gear, neither the knowledge ( I think i drove him crazy yesterday with so many questions, but he is very patient). To be honest i dont have the genetics for that level of competition but i feel so supported by SBL that i strongly believe it will bring something i never experience before as i start on 100% SBL products specially put together for me. What i lack in genetics , i certainly believe my dedication and discipline makes up for it. God bless you all.