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Well first is the result of things done with higher knowledge, is not my intention to be offensive to nobody but this brother has a Ph D in bio-chemistry; and when you talk with him you fill that confidence from formal education. is a person that has the right answer for everything; that is way the gear looks so clean and transparent


I also see that others joined from another forum. Holly … is he really PhD and he did not tell me? I have always wondered where this knowledge comes from but I did not think he is PhD. That’s probably good hahah


i found him on another forum too and for a while we just talked, i wasn’t buying anything i was all set with my cycle and then he started teaching me everything i was doing wrong


With me it was different, I told my story on the forum - I would like to come back to sport after a hard fight with cancer- and you know what? I also did not buy anything, but he wrote to me that he read my stories and that he would like help for my goal and suggested that I choose from the list what I want for 150$ I was in shock, I was a little afraid because it would be the first cycle after many years but I chose and I tried. I did like sbl described everything and after 2 weeks was boooom My doctor was not happy with taking steroids but he warned me to do it carefully and with the right dosage, I asked the doctor what dose should I take and you know what? The doctor told me the same doses as SBL amazing, now I know where this knowledge came from.


awesome, that makes me feel so confident about SBL and also to recommend it to everyone. One thing i believe probably people don’t like is to order from oversees; my packages took nothing but 7 days, 1 week…a couple of times for me domestic took longer than that; now if you think about a better price for better made gear…I wish everybody here would order just to compere…everything about SBL is just so amazingly professional


I don’t mind if guys are ordering from China then I can form Europe, if they catch me then another address lol



Been trying to reach out to you guys to find out how to request an order via email you provided but haven’t Heard back after writing 3 days ago


Hello @Tooorch.
Our service replied to all our customers, could you send to me an email again please? or pm me your email address.

[email protected]


Some good friend of mine called mu on Sunday and asked me for advises for his 2nd cycle and a good source; so i spoke to him about SBL, but he is that kind of shy person and wanted me to do it my self: i told him develop a relationship with SBL cause will need it. To make long story short he got all set up Sunday evening, sent payment Monday morning, by Monday afternoon he had a tracking number, pic and receipt and the pack mailed out…everyday he receives updates of the location of the pack…what an awesome service


can you imagine this guy from Cust Service he is doing this things every time! I wonder is he sleeping sometimes ? lol


That night after the Mambo Jambo on HCU he slept 2 hrs


OMG terrible @pastor they call him fake ;/ very sad bro he didn’t deserve it


After 3 weeks on this cutting cycle now and having 3 weeks left…a few things have happened; I have been privately sending SBL pictures of my progress on the process of leaning out; by the way SBL masteron P is just awesome; so i have been receiving feedback from him and advises in every area of training, diet and a few other elements. Yesterday a was on 30 grs of carbs…never in my days of competition before did some thing so low, feeling so well, great results so far, which have started a great feeling of confidence and higher desires. Within three weeks i will post the pics of my progress finishing this cutting cycle, then will go on TRT ( 200 mg test cyp/week) for 4 weeks; at the end of those 4 weeks will post blood work from SBL only product in my system. Right after that which should be the 2nd week of July y will start my preparation for National Qualifiers , I will enter the competition in the division of MASTER’S PHYSIQUE. As soon as i start my preparation i will post which show will be ( October/November ).By then i will start another topic describing in detail the full SBL cycle and all the changes, alterations and re-arrangements that will come along the way as i get ready for the show, i will also start a training/diet log from day 1 to the day of the show.
I wanna thank SYMBIOTEC-LAB for offering me the opportunity of being their sponsored athlete and also bringing to my life all this excitement and great feeling of facing major challenges. Thank you Lord for another chance.


That is Outfuckingstanding brother


Thanks brother


30 grams of carbs how do you even do that?


To be honest it was easier than i remember, i have not done this in 9 years but am doing excellent


I have never went that low with my metabolism I can cut and still eat a decent amount of cals n carbs


This week am gonna alternate 30/100 and last 2 weeks 30 ED. I have always being a hard gainer it takes a lot of effort for me ; but am dedicated


Like wise brother, I use to not research anything and not eat proper, I thought I had to use a lot more AAS and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t making good progress, and now I ask questions, read up on things and ask some more questions, my brother in law the guy who introduced me to AAS is now asking me questions about what to run or what not to do, I’m learning new stuff almost on a daily basis on this forum and other places