SymBiotecLab formal action!


Dear Customers,

In view of recent situation which took a place on ??? forum where some of the ??? members from Europe accused us of faking our products which are also available on European market including UK and Ireland we would like to give you an update and clarification. As we had look into it closely Sale Department of SymBiotecLab has decided to STOP the supplies to all of the wholesalers in UK as a result of untruthful allegation. As it stands from today no one has our authorisation and accreditation to sell our products in the UK and Northern Ireland. Furthermore we would like to clarify that we do not sell our products on social media, affiliates websites etc. We cannot take responsibility for third party involvements.
By way of amplification there are no representatives of SBL products in the UK and Northern Ireland as from today. To avoid future misunderstanding and oblique statements orders can only be done via our website , email: [email protected] or private message on forum. Also bulky orders from those countries would be considered on individual basis.

We still do have representatives in Republic of Ireland and if anyone is interested in our product can get in touch with them.
We would like to apologies for all the inconvenience however we cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour and baseless false accusation about faking our own product.

Furthermore SymBiotecLab Team would like to deeply apologies @Pastor and @DenBell for all the inappropriate wards used towards them as well as pure discrimination against them by other members of forum. SBL Team won’t tolerate discrimination against our customers or any members of UGM or another forum and will take immediate and appropriate action in the future.
Dear @Pastor and @DenBell please accept our deepest apologies for all the inconvenience caused and therefore we would like offer each of you 200$ to spend in our shop on UGM forum at your earliest convenience.
Once again all of you involved in this state of affairs please accept our apologies and we all deeply hope it will not happen again!!!

Yours Sincerely,

SymBiotecLab Team.

**[email protected] **


Good deal symbiotec


Am proud of my broken English, everybody sees i can’t write properly…You should hear me speaking…what an accent!!! Hurting people hurt others is not the nationality is the spiritual level inside the person…me i forgive them, i understand and i love them sincerely.
Thanks SymBiotec-Lab for the support and team effort Very happy to be with you


pastor ,compation is the currency in heaven and you have a vault full ,bless you my should hear how i talk .i born in england iam english but my accent is hard to understand ,but it dont matter my friend as you know,god loves us all


Thanks my brother


ohhhh wow here as well, I did not know that everything would develop so badly. I just want to say that do not let “them” call the Symbioteclab cheats. Symbio is a good lab, they always ask me how I feel, if everything is good? Or about my health, etc. They have never pressed me to buy any SBL product, as other sources do. I really like a guy from customer service, he’s amazing and that’s why I had to react. No matter what level of my English, Symbiotec did not deserve it. I would like to say to the symbiotec team, you do not owe me anything, it’s nice that you decided to give me a recompense but I really do not need it. I respect you for your help and support from customer service. You do not owe me anything, you are wonderful people and my response to this attack was as it should be. Thank you again for your kind gesture but you don’t owe me I just have done what I felt was right. I respect symbio your great work and good that you informed UGM members about this situation.


Wow bro that’s amazing, you said they don’t have to do anything to make up for it, your a standup guy… and to lighten the situation up, anyone can feel free to slander me, disrespect me anytime they want if symbiotec gives me stuff… :grinning:


the guy from cust service did not deserve it. Simple bro. He always answer me quick and sometimes we chated without any order if I ordered he always follow procedure properly all the time. Try do this with other source no way lol I’m regular customer to SBL