Symbiotec review -TG


Put order in last week. Shipped Thur and received Sat. Awsome communication, answered all my questions quickly. I will be putting next order in this week. Excellent source. Thanks UGM, I love this website.


Hey guys, so currently had to change my plan along with order from my doctor. So what I can compare and test on is the clomid and nolvadex. Both ranges and dosage was in normal range and consistent results on Symbios products and prescription pharma. Prescription product was purchased at local pharmacy and EGIS Pharmaceuticals brand. Range is normal per docs orders. At this point taking pharma or symbio is producing the same results. Doc says Im right where I need to be.

Im also taking is the clenbuterol which is working great. I have no doubt on the products and will continue personally ordering. I’ll continue the previous planned cycle only after doc gives the ok but it will be months before we can see that.


Damn bro sorry you had to go off. Everything okay?


Dear @TrenGod
Thank you for your positive feedback on our product. We really appreciate it. It is important to us that someone with great experience in the field shared positive opinion followed by blood result and medical estimation. We wish you speed recovery and looking forward to continue good business relationship.

Your sincerely

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Our overall health should be one of our personal core values. So many people rely on us… including ourselves. Great to see you following your doctors advice.

No semitruck pulling in the near future?

Thanks for the review @TrenGod


I do hope everything’s gonna be fine @TrenGod. @SemperFi you are correct my brother but be it a God or Batman , this game is rigged and not in our favor💀 I keep running into the luxury of great products or low prices or both and I’m right back to looking at a plan that I would of had back when 3 bills was like a magic weight. I have respect for those few that can see the bigger picture. The tax man will be coming to collect at some point.


@rnmuscle its called addiction. We all have it to some degree so don’t beat yourself up over it.


Valid point, I got to many


Thanks! Nah brother. At least for 6 month maybe a year ill be clean and then get back to semi truck pulls and keg tosses.


Update! Going on wk.6 with SBL products, strength is good, endurance is good! I can tell without even getting blood work the gear is gtg!

Only sides been a bit short tempered, but nothing out of the normal that I can’t control and but of acne around arms!

As always SBL customers is top notch and products so far has been positive for me!


Already had a great experience with SBL and my first pack was nabbed…never from where he’s slinging it from. So F#!$**# Alphabet suits. SBL WAS shocked and when you order you’ll see the unreal job in international shipping. So , there’s another way and then SBL and most of our sponsors will go or have to private. Not like some of the other scammer private but I’m sorry maybe the trial at eroids years ago was ok but I’m all for my go to companies…getting money for a good product , consistent and in stock. Sorry again o don’t want 100 " How much Femara should I use with my 300mg blast pct? DNP ok with test cyp, I’m at 10% 140 I wanna get beach ready at 127. Excuse me this is my 12 email. I got tracking yesterday and my bottle of test isn’t here yet…so SBL will be next. Anapolon is perfect. I have not used serious for years and I have the sense of wellbeing drol gives me and starting to get the tunnel vision from his test , drol, switch in the fast acting tren and mast and prop…from a few I had left, the primo looks good. :kissing_cat:


Hello @Tooorch!!

Thank you for positive feedback, it’s only halfway through your cycle, of course if you have any questions about our cycle you know where I am :slight_smile:

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Hey guys I’m not very active on this forum but I would like add my 2 cents as a customer. I received next order today from Symbioteclab as always top notch! Communication A ++++ I will not write about other aspects because I think everyone already knows that Symbioteclab is very good brand. I am happy with the effects that the guy from customer service has made to me and my friends. Primo absolutely legit, cutmix as friends said dynamite and now it’s time for new Ment and testmix. I still have to do check up with a doctor because I had cancer and only use test en and oxa but I’m going to try testmix now. I am adding a picture of my small army hahahaha everything isn’t for me only for friends who are not active on the forum but also ordered from sbl. I am full of admiration for professionalism of sbl, I also noticed that symbioteclab is more active on e-mails like on the forum. Always ask about health and how gear works, amazing guy but at least I know he is good at what he does because it coincides with everything that my doctor says from the hospital. I highly recommend sbl as products and knowledge that sbl has. Thanks to UGM for a great sponsor!


:slightly_smiling_face: that nice army :wink:


few my friends want take something new but yeahhh army looks crazy


Awesome beloved


Damn that’s a lot


last time was little smaller but after few weeks used my friends said gear g2g so now is booom lol


Holy shit bro you got a whole fleet, battalion, unit,brigade and a fucking squadron there


really? I just thought this was a normal order