Symbiotec review -TG


Going to start my first personal review of a source on here. Since i dont live in states, im particular about whom i use for anything. Im choosing to run symbiotec for a couple reasons. First his prices for what i needed waa great. Second, he had good reviews from others.

Im currently on TRT and running pharma that didnt impress me much on the results i got from bloodwork. Also i have a few pre-existing conditions that symb took into account and helped me out with.

Shipping. Symb went well above and beyond to get me my pack how i wanted it. It wasnt easy for him but he got it done. Very impressive. Also the packaging was stealth where you can tell he takes packaging seriously.

Product. Extremely clean product and appearance. Would definitely have resale value to those that need it.

Communication. Hes always around to answer questions and keeps you updated thru out the whole process. Dealing with sources in the past often felt like the process was all about money. I honestly believe he cares more about the results and health of the client then making a sale.

I just got blood work back from before starting but being on pharma TRT and will run the same dosages and run bloods in a couple weeks for comparision. Only difference will be replacing my current run of letro for another ai.

Ill update this post in a few weeks when i take other blood tests.


Sounds good!!


How awesome…great deal!!!


To a little further into details. The gear is packaged in professional grade packaging. Labels and all. You need some serious gear to produce this to this quality. Not easy to find by ugls. Looks like it came from a compound pharmacists lab.

Fucking looks better and cleaner then what i get from pharmacy in Ukriane. Looking forward to this run.


Is awesome the you touch that subject beloved…the look of the gear…it do not look yellowish or brownish, WELL DISSOLVED…is certainly a higher making, specially for what we lately see in the market …


Way interested in this. You just running the test?


Ill be running modified cutting 300. With tren enanthate instead of A, same test p and mast. Winny, clen, clomid and nolva.

Currently as a base i take test p. Drew bloods then. Added in tren and mast and re-did bloods last week. So will be in even comparison as i switch over and run the course with my baseline.


Sounds like a good one!!


Going to update this since my first pin with Symbiotec. Its definitely smooth (a little thicker going in then my pharma test) I use a long 27 gauge for test in shoulders. Then 25 gauge for tren and mast. Usually 3cc a shot into shoulder. I got the full shot in 1 cc of the cutting mix. No ball or issue with my scar tissue. No extra pain as I get from other gear with the shot in that location.

So far 1 cc in shoulder vs 3 is better for me. But back of my mind is like shit, do 2 more ccs back there lol. Guess I’ll have to wait till after the bloods to see get the proper results then can add those extra 2ccs lol.


Sounds good thanks for update


Just got my order! From SBL!
Fuck my life! 7 days from payment to delivery!

Fastest I’ve ever had from an international source! Here is my 2cents Rating (1) being lowest rating = not good! (10) the highest rating = outstanding

  1. Comunication (10)
  2. Product line (9)
  3. Shipping (10)
  4. Customer Service (10)
  5. Packaging (10)
  6. Product presentation (10)
    8.Pricing (10+++++)
  7. Gear Quality TBA = to be announced once I start my cyvle this coming wk, I’ll go draw bloods 5wks later and give you my honest feedback!

But if the gear ends up being as good as everything else, I found my go to source for life! I’ll be a loyal customer advocate forever!

Truly blow away!

Amazing job so far SBL!


@Tooorch thanks for the review but be careful. No pics of packaging. I have edited for you. You can reupload the one of just the products.


Responded to your other posted and reread the guidelines, makes sense and wasn’t my intent, and completely understand motives to why this is important, didn’t even think about all those other factors being i thought only tracking, address and or names would be the main issues, but all those other factors def makes sense! I’ll leave the edited version as is, being other brothers have already posted images of the actually product! Thanks again for the clarification and help!


Keep us posted!


Looking forward to doing my first shot!


So took my First SBL shot (Tren-A/Cyp-200 stack) Did in the arm, was a little tough going In, but that had to more with scar tissue, so I believe I’ll need to try my thighs moving forward! But no pain going in from liquid or after, and very little to no bump/ball from location of injection!

So, now just a waiting game to see how my body responds to this gear!


Update! Just took my 2nd SBL shot this time in the right thigh, Tren-A/Cyp 200mg stack 2cc total! Went in smooth, liquid flowed nicely being legs don’t have any scar tissue issues, no ball or bumps left either m, only issues felt a slight sting from the Tren A going in and still have a lingering burn from it after the shot! Which I at least have always encountered this when using Tren, but other than that good to go!





Wk1! SBL LINE -2cc’s of Cypionate 200 & 2 cc’s of Tren A 100 total 600 with 40mg of Anavar

I think it’s too early to tell the full effect of SBL product line, but from the years of experience of using, what I have noticed so far is a slight increase in my endurance, pump and hardness!

Only side effect I’ve started to noticed is being unable to have a deep sleep but that’s due to using Tren-A. Thankful to no Tren Sweats!

I imagine with wk 2 and so on I’ll start to notice full pottentisl SBL product line!

As always SBL “CS” reached out to see how I was doing! 10++ for that!