SymBiotec-Lab sponsored athlete


I was 180-182 pounds 12-13% bf 6 weeks ago when i started this cutting cycle am 54 years old…I was on deca/ test e/ eq it did not work for me…that is when i started my journey with SBL…started using his masteron p and all his advises, but i wanted to finish the cycle, about 2 weeks ago i finally got rid of the deca. This morning am 155 pounds and 8-8.55 bf

I must improve so after a cheat meal today and a few days of rest will keep going with 30 grs of carbs a day for a couple of week. Also today i start TRT for 4 weeks on SBL test cyp.200 mg / week
Our goal is Sherman’s Muscle Beach Classic on October the 20th, National Qualifiers, Master’s men’s Physique.
SBL doctor is the toughest guy i have followed as a trainer and everything he says to do is just hard core extreme measurements. Am very grateful for the opportunity to be young again and go back to competition supported in such a great manner by incredible knowledge and the highest quality chemicals


Looking good pastor :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice work bro. I heard posing in flip flops gives extra gains. Ya cheater :wink:


Oh I got some for you


Omg yes!!! I think ima have French toast today but just make it myself again! Looks good bro


Yes sir


You made me starving @Pastor lol

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Outfuckingstanding pastor!! Awesome work and great food




Thanks for sharing. You look like an ATHLETE! I am digging the lean tapered look… Love the classics. :wink:


wow!! so awesome! VERY impressive man awesome work!


Thanks beloved


Improving constant. You guys really have helped me make up my mind about bringing some hardware to the UGM trophy case! Why is it looked at so weird even by my old training partners and competitors. @pastor you have been good things. Your skin doesn’t seem to be stretched. Your doing really well. SBL is deceptively intelligent about the supps and some ideas I’ve caught in email. You gotta have that fire or maybe its the experience of winning that makes me want to get Fuckin sick shredded and as much as I see men’s bbing going down , its THE CHALLENGE. Can’t wait to see the finished product along with @PhD and who ever is jump in.


Looking fantastic @Pastor good job my brotha! Im very impressed cant tell you are 54 at all. Im pulling for you man wishing you the best of luck on the rest of your prep and in the competition