Switching esters mid cycle


Hey I’ve been wondering this for a while now and hopefully you guys that are more experienced would be able to help me out. I’m currently off cycle because the gyno surgery I recently had. Let’s just say I’m mid cycle running tren ace 100mg eod and I plan to switch to tren e?or vice versa?
Since the tren ace has already peaked in body after weeks of using it, and you decided to to switch over to tren e. Would you have to wait for a couple weeks for that peak as well.( since it’s a longer ester) I’m just curious if there would be any fluctuations in my blood levels. Or should I think tren is tren like test is test at the end of the day.


Just the simple fact of switch in from Ace to en will fluctuate the levels in your blood, is a longer ester, requires longer to kick in. Anyway you have been off everything for a while right


@Pastor yea I’m off right now!
I just never switched from a short ester to a long ester or the other way around
I’m just curious, how one would go about doing that mid cycle without problems


If switching from prop to cyp or e mid cycle think of it like this. Same as with a kickstart. Add in test c or e for a few weeks (maybe overlap 2) with the prop then drop the prop. Do t get too hung up by numbers (I know it’s hard to do and I’m ocd and do it too) but the test is in your system and as soon as you pin the test c/e it’s in your system too (just cuz it’s a longer ester doesn’t mean it’s not in from pin 1). You’ll have fluctuations by the numbers but you wouldn’t feel too much different. You could prolly switch straight over and not notice much but overlapping two weeks would help with swing in levels. Just my opinion. Sometimes things are better left not over thinking.