Sust blowout going on


We are overstocked! Lowered the price of Sustenon for the week.

You can now view prices online at

Password: MpG1


Wow… Check out that pricing gang. From feedback from others that is a great price for the quality. The low minimum is pretty cool also.

Thanks @MPG for the steller deal.


Thank you Semperfi. The discount we discussed earlier can also be applied here.


Really… Wow that makes it even better. I will put in some overtime to get the announcement made concerning the competition for everyones benefit.

Still have GH kits in stock?


Right now we are out of domestic kits (someone bought us out) but we have more on the way already!


Why do I feel like that someone is @phd :joy::joy:


Lol maybe lol


Looks like we are about to slammed with Test E and C as well. Will add these to the blowout!