Sust advice


I do agree with them, thats quite a bit of adex. Keep in mind that none us are medical professionals so… thread lightly.


Yeah depends on dose of test but I just read up farther and looks like just the 250. In that case way too much. Start with 1 and break it down to smaller eod doses if possible.


Thanks guys. I have the 1mg capsules so I was thinking it would be tough to split it up. I’ll eliminate the arimidex for now until I can get something I can break up like a tab. I’m really really hoping it’s not the test because that’s a deal breaker for me. I’m 37. Sleep is essential for my safety at work


I just came off cycle running sustains had no issues with PIP. My supplier suggested running it under warm water prior to injection, and ever since I started doing that, I’ve never had any major issues. As to sleep, lemon grass tea and melatonin work charms. Hope that helps


#1 cause for PIP is folks rushing a shot and pushing too hard on the plunger, try slowly administering it. let us know how it goes boss.