Sust advice


Quick question,

This is for those with experience with Sust 250 or knowledgable on it.

My suplier only had sust available so i got 4 vials of it. I am wanting to know what the besting schedule is. Ive read that at twice a week it does hardly any good due to the little test prop in it and that eod is optimal. I origionally wanted to run it at 500 a week but would 750 3 times a week be better and keep better blood levels?

I would have rather gotten test E but this is what i have. Thanks guys


I meant a total of 750 for the week split up eod


When I run sust I do every other day injections. If you dont mind injections .5ml eod would be a good start. What is your cycle experienece if you dont mind me asking?


At this point I’m totally natural. I’ve been lifting for roughly 20 years and Im currently 37 years old. I’m 5’10 185 lbs and have no idea about body fat percentage. I would say maybe 15 percent. On a weekly basis someone asks me what I’m on referring to hear.

So, the reason Ive decided to do a cycle or start cycling is mainly my lower body. My upper body is good by my legs and lower back are lacking. I’ve neglected them all of my life… I want to build them up and finally have some strength in dead lifts and squats. I’m expecting 5 to 10 lbs of solid gains.

At 37 Im also experiencing some chronic pains in my elbows and neck. I’m hoping but not expecting some healing. If not, oh well.

I’ve been to multiple doctors who refuse to put me on TRT. My test level hovers around 660 but because I look like I lift, I think they believe I dont need it. My wife and I are done trying to have kids, I have one and one on the way.

So yea, that’s my story. Not looking for anything drastic. Just lower body gains.


Cool, I would start with test only at 500mg a week. You can get by injecting sustanon every 3 days or Monday , Thursday if thats what you have. Do you have an ai on hand like arimidex or aromasin. If not you might get one in case you need it to control estrogen .


Yes, I have arimidex 1 mg capsules. I also went ahead and got 10000 iu of HCG. I got nolva for pct. I’m going to have to order Clomid because they didn’t have it at the time of my order. Just ordered the pins online. I tried to get them from the pharmacy at CVS and the lady looked at me like I was a heroin addict and said they couldnt sell them unless I had a prescription. Which wasnt true but whatever, it was embarrassing.

So, with this Sust should I front load?

Also, I’m reading that I should be doing HCG 500 iu a week. That about right? Could I put it in the same pin or do i need to always do it seperate sub q?


No need to front load with sust, alsoI would save the hcg and blast it for a few weeks after your last shot. I dont agree with taking it throught but that’s just my opinion. If you need a good source for pins pm me I’ll give give you a few.


Don’t mix hcg with test , inject it sub q


Just to give you my experience I really disliked sust unless you plan on a really long cycle the waiting for each ester to catch up and kick in killed me.
I went with mwf inj. I would reccomend going eod for the first couple of weeks then going to mwf the prop is first to kick in so I would use it eod then once the longer esters start to work you can scale back pinning from eod to mwf.
I personally wouldn’t use sust again but I have buddies that only use sust and swear by it I enjoy using test e for blast with a prop kick and test c for cruise. I really think its just a preference and then of course a quality thing also. Im using bm pharma and dragon pharma but im just cruising until I get a chance to blast and get my primo, mhn, hgh ,var cycle running soon enough though.
Wish you the best any questions just contact me here anytime im always here to help


I’m one that perfers sust I seem to respond best to it,but I agree it’s a preference thing for sure.


Thanks for all the advice! I’ll keep you guys updated. Btw, I used iron junkie and have to give them props. Fast delivery and communication. He had sold out of the test E and C at the time so I got the Sust. Now waiting on the pins. I’ve never liked needles to much but hey, no pain no gain right?


On the pins the proper protocol and you will be amazed no pain at all. Its not like the nurse at the docs office that just jabs you with the wrong gauge because she is a fool lol.
Use MLG or and get the bd precision glide they make all the difference.


Pinned for the first time tonight. It was literally painless. Used a 25 gauge. I injected 1ml in my flute. I feel almost nothing at all, pain wise regarding PIP. I’ve heard that the prop in the Sustanon can cause PIP but not really for me. Glad I came to you guys for advice!


Hahahah. Flute… I meant glute


I retract my last statement. It feels like someone hit me in the ass with a baseball bat. Took about 36 hours. I’ll do the other glute today.


No pain no gain


Lol that virgin muscle pip


Uh, I need some help. 3 days ago I pinned 250 of Sust. I took 1mg of adex the same day and 1mg of adex two days later (last night). I was actually planning on pinning every 3 days. Of course I got pip and it hurt like hell but now I’m fine. I can deal with the pain.

Last night i went to sleep at 930. Woke up at 1130 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I laid there for three hours. I could feel tightness in my chest and my mind was going 100 mph. I usually sleep pretty good. So while laying there I read up on how test can cause insomnia. What the hell.

So I’m going to see how sleep goes tonight before I pin again. I have to be up at 450 am and cant afford not to sleep.

Any advice? Thanks


What’s the total dose of test that you are running. If it is the test, everyone is affected differently. I have not had that side at all. 2mg of adex in 3 days is a fairly big dose depending on your test dose.


Yeah thats allot of are a. I do .5 e3d and its sufficient . if you continue having insomnia try melatonin.