About 2 weeks ago i changed my work out, which for the longest time had being the classic: exercise by exercise for one body part. I started then doing super-sets and i have been going further and further; this is what i did today for shoulders:
1.- Seated side shoulder press machine
2.-Side shoulders seated fly machine
3.-Dumbbell flyes
4.-Military shoulder press machine
5.-Front raises with plate
6.-Rear delts bent-over dumbbell flyes.
12 reps each exercise, i went 7 times around.
Awesome …i had a blast …anybody else using super-sets?


Yep. Love them. I do tri sets too.


The 6 exercises i posted that is only 1 set…a dont know how to call it is bigger than a giant set


If you’re doing all 6 back to back that’s basically circuit training.


Yes sir


I do it all brotha heavy mass compound movements, drop sets, super sets, tri sets, giant sets, rest/pause, high rep finish sets ect. Anything i can do to totally annihilate the muscle and keep the body guessing! Gotta keep an open mind and a great idea to use a log book to track workouts as well!




Gotta push it every workout as you know brotha!


Am doing it brother am on 150 grs of carbs for next 2 weeks and last 2 i will do 30-50…i wanna see at the end of those 4 how lean i can get, i have been super setting and circuit trainig like crazy . 40 mins of cardio ED


Whats the occasion for lean out?


read my post from this morning on SymBiotec-Lab review, after this cycle and 4 weeks TRT will compete again


Thats great brotha proud of you give them hell


sure i will, masters physique, by the end of september probably


If you need anything brotha im here for you best of luck!!


Thanks brother


Hey I was thinking…that is funny: the pastor is gonna give them hell


We all gotta go thru a lil hell in our lives to get to heaven!


I agree


I use super sets often. I see good success in combining exercises that focus on a specific muscle. One for stretching the specific muscle and the other focusing on contracting the muscle. Example - tricep long head: tricep overhead extension focusing on the stretch and kickbacks focusing on contracting. I really concentrate on stretching on the extensions and contracting hard on the kickbacks.

In my experiences I have seen and heard some much emphasis placed on muscle contraction with very little conversation concerning the importance of stretching a particular muscle.

Getting the reps in focusing on those two things specifically has provided me with positive results.