Super Bowl diet who failed?


Oh man, just wanna here what some of you guys ate super bowl Sunday? I failed miserably today, wings, spin dip, pulled pork sliders, the whole nine​:joy::joy:


I stayed right on point bro. I don’t even watch football so I could care less about the Superbowl. Talk to me again on the 4th of July though lol. I smash on BBQ and beer all day long


Hahahaha you and me both, i go all out in the 4th!


Yea definitely go crazy on big events or parties, not the end of the world. No point on sticking to strict diet even on events, will just ruin the whole event & just pointless, unless you got a competition coming up soon lol


Chicken and rice and a banana. Boring as shit


Hey you gotta shock the system every now and then😜


Bagel bites, extra sharp cheddar cheese chips salsa pizza ice cream cake


I am in a state of dirty bulking approximately 7 months out of the year


Had chicken wraps. So not too bad.


I went crazy…lol…made it a major cheat day instead of a typical cheat meal.


Everyday is cheat day :sunglasses: