Suggestions please


Ok. Please, I’m trying not to go off topic. I have a good stash. I can’t do WU, MG etc. I am signed up and looking to get btc from Localcoins. I am trying to give business to ugm sources first and have contacted them and things are moving. On local coins , what is best to get btc? PayPal, deposit in bank, etc. I am confused because there are so many. How long should it take. What are some of you guys doing. I used coinbase and an atm for so long. It was s quick and easy. I do use 2 places from eroids still but after all the great stuff I’m hearing and the addition of very impressive symbiotic who knows. As part of the elderly crew it time to represent. Gotta show the meaning of density, grainy, delineation, etc. Just don’t want to make any mistakes on buying btc, or maybe there’s another crypto to get. By the way…what happens to the sources that don’t participate much. Example: ftw, omni.


Fts is no longer an active verified src he went private
Same with omni he went private but you just have to contact him to get on his list.

Btc you can use the atm’s or you can do cash person to person.
Wal-Mart to walmart payments or another local based option all on the site work. Just pick a good seller with alot of good reviews.


Thank you…I finally feel better after I looked at everything for a hour. Sellers have websites and lots of ratings or transactions.