Successful fast order from IJL


All I can say is I am a happy camper with @Iron_Junkie_Labs. Order Saturday, arrived today. No issues very profession and speedy delivery. Will keep you updated on my progress!


Thanks for the feedback! :pray: Enjoy brother! :muscle:


Will do, and thank you!




Looking good :slightly_smiling_face:


Good ta hear…I have a pending order now.


Took 4 days with the holiday, good shit right there.


IJL is the bomb!! Dude must be using drone to drop them off as quick as he does! You the man broski @Iron_Junkie_Labs :facepunch:t2:


Got my pack today as well…not just speaking as @Iron_Junkie_Labs sponsored athlete but as a guy who’s been on his gear for over 6 months. I gaurantee you will not be disappointed or let down. Keep your training and diet in check and the gear will definitely do it’s job bro! Good luck and happy gains! IJL is always and remains at the top of his game!


@01dragonslayer yes bud we are very sorry about the short delay of your order but we always try our hardest to get it out asap and safely as well keep in mind


Dude…you couldn’t hand deliver faster if ya lived next door. I’m not worried about it. Great products, service communication…that what customers want and IJLs makes it happen. Thank you my man.