@Stirms Yuletide Log



Well I’m definitely fluffy. @200, 5ft 9… Gained 5lbs after my vacation 3 weeks ago… mostly water weight after a bacterial infection of the digestive tract. Either way whatever …
I had three big keto meals today. Probably 2lbs of meat, 2 bags of riced cauliflower, stick of butter, Alfredo sauce… feeling quite fluffy indeed… I’ll see how much I weigh and how I feel in the AM. Last night I woke up twice with the pillow and shirt I had on drenched in sweat. Had to change both out. It was bad. Tonight the fan and window will be open. To hell with the single digits temps. I’ll update everything with the workout tomorrow. One more thing. I lift free weights mostly due to my CrossFit/5*5 background. Some of these programs max out all my equipment and demand more than I have. I’ve been subbing out certain things, but realize this is not the best way to go about maximizing results. I have a lifetime membership at 24hr fitness so will be slowly reincorporating that hell hole back into my life… It just has to happen. It’s far for me, but have to do it right? It’s literally $20 a year until I die, so super cost effective. Anyways, until tomorrow.


I’ve read this before from other members and wondering what it is or does to you? Just curious incase I ever run into an issue so I may have a heads up on it!


That’s not what I have


Let’s just say the worst case of the shits you can possibly imagine… Times 50


Weigh in at 199# this morning. sweat out some serious water again… chugging away all day today… To the workout for the evening…

*No belt ; Work to a 1 Rep Max

Push-ups: 20-30 reps
Pull-ups: 10-20 reps

Incline Barbell Bench (Use between 95-135lbs) ; Till Failure
Super Wide Grip Pull-dowms: 10-12 reps
*High TOUCH Point on chest & Wide Grip on barbell
(Pointer finger on, or outside the rings)

DB Chest Fly: 15 reps
V-Bar Pull-downs: 10-20 reps

Dumbbell Pullovers: 15 reps
Dips: 10-20 reps

GHD: 15 reps
Toes 2 Bar: 10 reps
AB Wheels: 20 reps
Tricep Straight Bar Pushdowns: 20 reps



Nice should be good and sore off this


I’m starting to think I should stop taking the Tbol… I have been feeling really ill at night. Or I suppose it could be the Proviron, or the combo of the two… Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Should I just start messing around with the dosage?


That’s odd man. You shouldn’t be feeling ill. I guess different people can react differently though. So are you only taking the tbol before bed? Or splitting throughout the day? With food or empty stomach? Sometimes orals affect appetite but I’ve never felt ill. Others will chime in with their experience too.


I split it up. 25mg before lunch. so far empty stomach. PWO of Tbol and Proviron around 4-5pm. Like even right now I don’t feel all that hot… but at night it gets worse. feel kind of flu-ish and I wake up several times sweating bad and what not… when I wake up in the morning to go to work I feel fine… something is jackin me…


Could it be associated with your recent bacterial infection?


It’s certainly possible, but it’s been 2 full weeks since i was done with that. I’ve heard of possible lingering of that though… One other idea, and no offense to my supplier, but Test E batch could be bad? idk. Just throwing out ideas. Could also be the Keto flu… i did major carbs on the weekend, so coming off can sometimes make you feel like this… I struggled making it through my workout last night…


Orals won’t make you sick bro. Leto flu no such thing. You can eat a lot and be tired yes. You said your testE could be bad. Mmm flu like feeling feel like a fever but no fever and gets worse at night. Now that sounds like test flu. I’ve had that a few times in the past sucks. I’d legit feel flu like really bad. I’m not sure where you got your test. But I’d get off ASAP switch to different brand and see if it goes away. @TrenGod


At those dosages your on a baby cycle of orals. It definitely has nothing to do with orals. Could be possible your just getting sick. Have you ran test prior to this?

What type of bacterial infection did you have and what treatment of it?


Yes, I have run test, tren, deca and oral mbol for 4 weeks right before my trip to Cozumel. was off cycle for 4 weeks and just started this… Pinned last thursday and yesterday, felt ill all weekend and still do. Cozumel was no joke… E-Coli and campylobactera.


If youve run test prior and no issues. Drop the test for now and see how you feel. The infection shouldnt cause those type of effects even it was lingering still.


Source reached out and is sending another product to replace this one that’s giving me issues. TestC 300 on its way tomorrow. Great customer service. Gonna see if it’s just something that’s the Mig oil, or if it’s just my body rejecting it. I’ll update when that happens. Until then putting a hold on things. Try and heal up and start again.


I wait to pin new stuff till you feel better. That way when you pin the cyp if it does same thing you know it’s the source.


Agreed. I’ll wait till this is completely gone first.


Ok, Good news. Things seem to be back on track as far as my cycle is concerned. So I will restart my log Monday. New gear, harder workouts, good keto diet and I’m underway again.


Ok, obviously I lied here… No, in all honesty, I have been working out. 4-5 days a week. However, since Thanksgiving, the wife and I have been having major issues. To the point that we filed for divorce today. And that is no joke. Not saying we didn’t have problems before. Who doesn’t? But things came to a head when I mentioned not liking that the 25 year old living with us (her daughter) needed to start paying something to help out the house, learn how to be an adult, etc. And then over the past weekend, it was more of the same and here we are.

I’m not looking for any sympathy or anything, just explaining the situation and making sure that y’all know I am doing my best to stay on track. Once things get a little easier on the day to day I will be adding my stuff back on here. Sorry for the delays.